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Tarot Card of the Week, July 6-12, 2015: King of Wands

Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done, because he wants to do it.
~ Dwight D. Eisenhower

In his first visit since a couple of years ago, say hello to the King of Wands.

Coming directly after The Empress last week, it would appear that passion, creativity, and magic are crackling right now.

Because the Tarot comes to us from an earlier time and value system, its Kings reflect a sexual bias that external leadership, strength, and power could only belong in the realm of men, not women.

In Europe (from which the Tarot comes), kings were historically considered to be responsible for the welfare of their whole societies. The rise and fall of all their country’s fortunes were upon their shoulders.

Queens, on the other hand, were generally considered to represent inner power of a more subtle and passive type. Thankfully, times have changed and many newer decks have revised these stereotypes.

Nonetheless, all of the Kings in the Rider-Waite-Smith deck wear what Arthur Waite called, “a cap of maintenance” under their crowns. The Kings represent both the crowning achievement of success, as well as the responsibility of noblesse oblige.

With Wands belonging to the element of Fire, and representing action, creativity, and passion, the King of Wands, then, is the ultimate Fire personality. Tapped in to the flaming heart of magic, he is a brilliant master of change, manifesting, and drama.

As is always the case with the court cards of the Tarot, he may or may not be an actual person, and he may or may not be male. But there is no doubt that there is big intensity sparking this week.

Do You Know This Dynamo?

This King is creative, willful, and rightfully sure of themselves.

If I had to choose a Tarot King for Barack Obama, it would be the King of Wands. With his Sun in fiery Leo, he is regal in his bearing, a passionate change-maker, basks in the limelight, and, besides Bill Clinton, is one of the most outgoing, confident Presidents I can remember.

Of course, one’s Sun sign is NOT the full picture of who we are, and Obama’s cool, intellectual side is more Swords than Wands. But I suggest you keep an eye on what he’s up to this week.

Closer to home, who do you know that is exceptionally charismatic, inspiring others with their vitality? Original, innovative, and exuding confidence, when this person walks into a room, everyone notices.

Yet, unlike, say, the Knight of Wands, who can be temperamental and inconsistent, the King is a powerful, dynamic leader. Although he can have a bit of a temper at times, he follows through and completes his goals successfully. He or she knows precisely when to be aggressive, to dominate, take risks, or pull rank. And when to strategically refrain.

Full of laughter, sexual magnetism, and a flair for the dramatic, this is someone who is impatient with words, and wants to cut to the chase.

A Time for Passionate Creativity

What creative project needs your leadership? How can you inspire others to do what needs to be done, as Eisenhower said, with all the commitment of it being their own idea?

In what ways are you being asked to step out from the crowd and shine? Where might your big, bright fire of passion be needed? Who do you know that can back up their considerable charisma with true mastery and dazzling results?

Now is not the time to be a shrinking violet. Look for a week full of important activity and energized motivation. Be bold, be seen, be confident and generous. Expand your comfort zone and wield your power.

The King of Wands is a strong ally, and an invitation to act from your most noble Source. Things are definitely heating up.

Create what you most passionately desire. Lead by inspiration!

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