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Tarot Card of the Week, July 20-26, 2015: Three of Wands

Three of WandsWhat would you do, if you knew you could not fail?
~ attributed to Eleanor Roosevelt

This week, the Tarot sends another message about the importance of tenacity and patience, if we desire success. Almost exactly one year after its last visit, as the celebrations of the First Harvest once again draw near, we welcome the sunny message of the Three of Wands.

KabbalahTreeOfLifeIn the Qabbalah Tree of Life, this card is a component of Binah, the uppermost feminine element, and which is symbolized as the mother of the Shekhinah.

Its meaning is Understanding and it is associated with the Queens of the Tarot. And all of the threes are always connected to the biggest Three, The Empress.

Threes are about movement and change, synthesis and manifestation, and fertile possibilities coming to fruition.

And the element associated with the Wands is Fire, which rules the qualities of creativity, action, magic, growth, and passion.

Arthur Waite describes this card saying, “Here we see a calm, stately personage, with his back turned, looking from a cliff’s edge at the ships passing over the sea. Three staves are planted in the ground, and he leans slightly on one of them.”

The figure bears a very strong resemblance to The Magician, if his back was turned to us. Power fairly throbs within this dazzling card.

Dreams Launched and Returned

Following the Two of Wands, which represents a time for deciding, this figure has launched his dreams and choices into action. He gazes out across the landscape with a calm confidence. In the golden light, he observes the arrival of his ships. Good results are in sight.

Famed futurist Peter Russell writes, “For most of us, waiting is not easy, often a bore…We want the waiting to be over with, so that we can get on with whatever is the next task at hand. Yet in treating waiting this way, we deny ourselves a most valuable opportunity.

“Pure waiting, not waiting for any event to happen, just waiting without wanting, can be a profound spiritual practice.

“When you simply wait, not waiting for anything in particular, not wishing things were different than than they are, the mind relaxes. And, as you let go of wanting, you will probably find your awareness of the present moment expanding.”

Embracing Sweet Success

When success is in sight, instead of prematurely pouncing, or (more commonly) already turning towards the next thing, this is an opportunity to pause.

Take some time to experience this sweet energy of transition and fulfillment, and observe how what you have planned is now coming home to you.

This happy anticipation can be a quiet space in the midst all our doing. This is the Understanding, where inspiration and spiritual replenishment occur.

It’s also a good week to consider how plans made now could pay off for you later.

What seeds did you plant at last week’s New Moon? The Quarter Moon is often a testing period, and your faith may be questioned.

Don’t lose heart. The passion and energy of Wands will carry you forward if you are willing to endure.

Now, as the Sun moves into dynamic Leo this week, how might you use this time to get energized for enjoying your rewards? For they are surely in sight.

Seeing the Big Picture

This is an opportunity to see the larger patterns of your life, and lay the groundwork for a long-term, successful future. Step back for some bigger perspective. What vision nurtures your better self?

If you knew you had infinite time and resources, what would you set into motion? If success was guaranteed, what would you be doing?

Use your wisdom to know and name what you wish to manifest, perhaps in ritual, or other ways of focusing. If your vision is the call to become something better, you surely have the golden blessings of the Universe.

May your best, brightest desires return to you threefold.

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