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Not Wordless. Two Words. And Then, a Few More.


To everyone who sent me emails of encouragement, solidarity, love, suggestions, and support since my June 25 lockout.

Thank you.

To Shari, who created and circulated the petition on my behalf, and who helped find a “back-door” in so I could at least have access to my business page.

Not enough thanks in the world. But thank you anyway.

To those who sent practical advice and those who took the time to do research about Facebook’s history of problems and share your insights with me.

Thank you.

To you who have also been violated by Facebook’s discriminatory, unfair practices and shared your stories with me (some with good endings, but far too many not, at least yet).

My thanks and best wishes for you.

To those who signed my petition, and who shared your frustration, anger, and love in the comments section. Seeing your words and your beautiful names was a healing balm, a saving grace, in what was a rock-bottom period of this journey.

Thank you a thousand times.

And to those of you who are considering leaving, rather than to risk your time, your talent, and your connections in the huge, slick, unpredictable parasite that is the core of Facebook’s business model.

Thank you.

Yes, I am back on Facebook.

I am profoundly grateful to be among my friends, with all your humor, intelligence, life events, and wisdom.

But it will never be the same, and I won’t be around like I once was, except perhaps in the most minimal ways to support my business.

Because I now know that it could happen again, without warning or notice. And there ARE better alternatives. I promise.

Facebook does not play fair, does not care about accountability, and does not flinch when knowingly doing bad things to people. If you are in right alignment with your better knowing, you already sense this, probably have for a long time.

Once you have seen, as I have, the underpinnings of what makes it tick, and the human cost, you can’t unsee it. Facebook is not good people.

But — you are.

And with all my heart, I thank you.

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  • July 29, 2015, 4:25 pm Duncan Saunders

    Love and hugs and blessed be!

  • July 29, 2015, 5:06 pm thera forte

    glad you could get it worked out.