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Tarot Card of the Week, June 8-14, 2015: Last Week the King; This Week the Queen

Pentacles Queen

Money is the blood of the planet.
Heal the money and we can heal the world.
~ Barbara Wilder, Money is Love
In gratitude for the life of Bonnie Cohen (Nov. 6, 1951- June 4, 2015)

What an interesting development. Right after last week’s King of Pentacles, here comes the Queen!

The Pentacles, of course, are Earth energy: money, career, health, practical matters, and the physical, material realm. And once again, we have a Court card – which can be challenging because the Courts can either be an actual person we know (we ourselves, or someone else), or they might indicate a particular kind of energy being brought to bear.

The Queens of the Tarot are, to me, Priestesses, Mothers, and Goddess energy. Rather than the hierarchical powerover of the Kings, they teach us the nurturing power from within.

The Queen of Pentacles is a woman who is materially secure, even wealthy. She has a great appreciation of beautiful objects, home, and creature comforts.

She holds the Pentacle gently but firmly on her lap, knowing that there is no disconnect between the material and the spiritual, for to be fully alive is wealth beyond imagination. She knows she is the steward, not the possessor, of her prosperity.

Her throne is outdoors, beneath a rose arbor. It is carved with the symbols of Capricorn, and she is surrounded with vines and flowers; there are also mountains and rivers (or lakes) in the background.

Wealth Abounds

The Queen suggests that there is that there is no such thing as lack to those who are open to the flow of magic that is the life force itself. Her gifts include robust health, vitality, and sexuality. The magical hare in the foreground indicates fertility and good fortune.

All of Nature is her treasure. She may be a splendid gardener, cook, mechanic, herbalist, animal caretaker, or environmental guardian. She is a trusted guide for appreciating what is sacred in the “mundane.” She is your favorite Earth Mother, nurturer, wealth maker, and skillful pragmatist.

In what ways do you need to address matters of down-to-earth importance? Are you facing any sorts of health issues or financial concerns?

If you are dealing with job, home, illness, or other practical concerns, she can help. This Queen offers reassurance that you are meant to be happy, healthy, and content.

In Memory of My Favorite Queen of Pentacles

As I was writing this, having already pulled the card, I learned that one of my favorite Queen of Pentacles has died.

Bonnie Cohen was a beloved life (and wealth) coach, artist, teacher, and bon vivant. She was one of only a very few local folks I’ve always been confident to refer my clients to, and I loved being both her colleague and friend.

Bonnie was profoundly spiritual, but she was, with great zest and no apologies, also a material girl.

She had exquisite tastes and surrounded herself with unique art, sumptuous clothing, plentiful, nurturing food, and luxurious, beautifully appointed furnishings. She had the gift of turning every tabletop and niche into a tableau of wonders, and her little cottage outside of Chapel Hill was one of the most enchanted homes I’ve ever visited.

She unabashedly claimed her power as a “money magnet,” because she understood that joy, gratitude, and generosity are the secret ingredients that create prosperity.

Although she was Scorpio, not Capricorn, Bonnie was a true Queen of Pentacles because more than anything, she adored lavishing her friends with comfort, beauty, and soul-deep nurturing.

Gratitude and Sharing

The Queen of Pentacles is proof that magic is everywhere, and there can be plenty for all. The politics of inadequacy, stinginess, and competition is an illusion, created by those who would hold all the power.

When you are unshakeable in your trust in life, there is no lack. Gratitude begets abundance. Money is not the goal, joy in what you do and share is the source of wealth.

Let Nature shower you with blessings this week; like the Queen, let your throne be, not in some dreary castle, but in the meadows and forests.

As Summer’s ripeness approaches, may its rich bounty fill your heart, and so it shall fill your practical needs as well.

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  • June 8, 2015, 6:11 pm Otter

    Oh, how I needed this card!! Thank you, Beth, for the insights and beautiful way of looking at her. I am working on pulling prosperity to me (and a job!) right now.
    I wish I could have known Bonnie Cohen. I’ve heard meany people mention her on Facebook and talk about what an extraordinary woman she was. I hope to be half that kind of Scorpio.

  • June 10, 2015, 4:54 am Kristen B

    This helps further confirm just everything that’s going on with me right now! Thank you! First time on your site. I’m sure I’ll probably be back! 🙂