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Missing Me on Facebook?


In response to the following post from this morning, my friend and web support Goddess, Shari, put together a petition on my behalf. If you agree, please sign and share. Not sure how I’ll get it to The Right People, but it’s a powerful start! Thank you!!!


An Updatefacebook-lockout

July 17:
An Email to Nowhere. Please Help.

There is no address I can find that doesn’t bounce. Every door I knock on gets slammed in my face, if anything happens at all.

I am ready to go public.

If you have media contacts who might help, or access to solid, insider information, let me know.

I have hesitated to make a big stink, because others are being harmed by Facebook’s arcane, arbitrary policies in life-and-death ways.

But enough is enough. This is totally unfair and wrong, and I want MY words, MY photos, MY content, and access to MY friends back.

Dear Sir, or Ma’am:
I have been getting the run-around for over 3 weeks now, as my account has been locked out because my name does not seem “real” enough to you.

I have been complying as best I can with your Options, but only getting generic rejections that make no sense. My friendships, my networks, my business contacts, and my work are being devastated by your arcane, impossible policies.

In the name of Chris Cox’s October apology, I BEG you to reinstate my account to me.

If the spirit of your “real name” policy is to ferret out “mass impersonation, trolling, domestic abuse, and higher rates of bullying and intolerance .. oftentimes the result of people hiding behind fake names..”, then SURELY by now, with all the documentation I have sent you, PLUS my many years of consistency, PLUS the attempts to contact you from my many, many distraught friends — you MUST see that I am none of these things.

I am Beth Owls Daughter. That is the name that my thousands of friends and followers know me as. I am not hiding anything, trolling, being dishonest, or creating ANY HARM TO ANYONE.

And I can and have been documenting that this IS my everyday name.

I don’t know why I keep getting rejected, shut out, and treated like trash.

But, like me, there are hundreds of my friends and colleagues who are very, very upset about it. In fact, this is tearing my life to pieces.

PLEASE will some real human being read this and respond?

I don’t know what else to do. I don’t know what will happen to my business pages, that I buy advertising for, from you!

PLEASE reinstate me asap.

Thank you for your thoughtful consideration.

~ Beth Owls Daughter — my REAL name!!!!

Line breaker

Thanks for stopping by, my friends. That’s where it is today. Hopefully, tomorrow will be better.

this is a nightmare

ps: If the troglodyte who did this to me is reading this, heads up, dearie. I invoke the Law of Three: I do hex you in kind, calling upon the Powers to return the harm you meant for me right back at you, three times three.


The Back Story

If you have had trouble getting to my personal page, or are being directed to screens that look like you are blocked, or that I have unfriended you, please know I HAVE NOT.


I have postponed going public with this, but I am spending way too many hours each day, trying to stay ahead of the disaster this is causing.

So I am now forced to give up hoping this will quietly sort itself out. Here’s what has happened:

On June 25, 2015, Facebook locked me out of my personal account (and therefore, ALL my pages).
I believe I was reported by someone with malicious intent.

Facebook has locked me out of my account, thanks to some unknown person(s) who informed them that Beth Owl’s Daughter is not my “real” name.

Was it because of my impassioned posts about the Charleston shooting? Because I am a Witch and Pagan? Because I have been candid about my feelings regarding certain sketchy acquaintances’ activities? Or was it just a trouble-making troll? Who knows?

Beth Owl’s Daughter

As you know, this is, in fact, the REAL name I go by in everyday use, by which all my friends, colleagues, and clients know me.

I truly don’t have another name to give them that my friends would have any clue who it was.

So, even though this is becoming an unbelievable train wreck for me, I am fighting with Facebook to have my account re-instated.

Their policy says:

“We ask everyone to use the name they go by in real life so friends know who they’re connecting with…
“If this is the name you use in your everyday life, we would like to work with you to verify the name that best represents your identity.”

I am fully complying with this. This is who I am in “real life.” I have sent them all the documentation they have said they will accept. Still waiting.

Despite almost five days of documenting, pleading, and posting, they are stalling and my account continues to be locked.

How You Can Help

I wish I could ask for you to lobby for me, but they are refusing all emails or attempts from those I’ve confided with, who’ve tried to email or post on my behalf.

All my own attempts at meaningful dialogue have been fruitless. The only three responses I’ve had in the five days since this started have been form letters.

However, it would be helpful if you wanted to share my posts and updates on your timeline, since I work pretty hard on them – especially my Card of the Week.

I dislike sounding litigious, but if you know of any (affordable!) legal assistance, or can refer me to anyone who has had success dealing with Facebook’s totally arbitrary “rules” about names, etc. please email me.

Most of all, I hope you will either subscribe to my blog, or find some other way to keep up with me, without the gate-keeping of Facebook. Because I am not sure when, or if, I will be back.

Meantime, I am So Sorry

thumbs downI apologize to all my friends, clients, and colleagues who think I turned my back in the middle of our conversations. Some of you have indicated you think I am ignoring you, or have blocked you, or unfriended you. I HAVE NOT.

But Facebook will not give me a chance to explain or defend myself.

So please feel free to share this. You are welcome to let others know about this stupid injustice.

A Cautionary Tale for You, Too

Naturally, I am seriously re-thinking my entire relationship with Facebook.

Maybe you should, too, since anyone, any time, can “report” you (whether it’s true or not!) and trash years of your work, your reputation, and your relationships. Good luck if your driver’s license doesn’t match the name that everyone knows you by — for whatever reasons you may have.

Thank you for your concern and patience.

And thank you for all your years of true friendship, not “friends” being dictated by Facebook, or anyone else.

Beth signature no background



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