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Wordless Wednesday: A Skink of Many Colors

Tarot Card of the Week, May 25-30, 2015: The Hierophant

I don’t wield power over person, place, or thing. I don’t command armies; I don’t lead labor unions. All I have is the power of thought. Neil deGrasse Tyson In this thought-powered time of the Sun in Gemini, with Mercury retrograde forcing us to reflect and review, what better companion could we ask for? Welcome thisContinue reading Read more

Sunday Poetry: The May Queen is Waiting

The May Queen Is Waiting by Ruth Barrett and Cyntia Smith Originally recorded on The Heart is the Only Nation, BMI. I’ll prepare the furrowed earth for your sweet body. The stars are rising in the moonlit sky. The May Queen is waiting. Her voice reaches as you sleep, can you awaken to live theContinue reading Read more

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It’s Gemini Time! Happy Birthday to All You Brilliant, Magical Twinsies!

I am my own sanctuary and I can be reborn as many times as I choose throughout my life. ~ Lady Gaga (Gemini Sun and ascendant) Happy Birthday, Gemini This morning, at 4:45am, Eastern time, the Sun said goodbye to Taurus and entered Gemini, sign of the Twins. Chatty, smart, funny, whiz-kid Geminis – whereContinue reading Read more

Wordless Wednesday: Magical Solomon’s Seal

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