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Tarot Card of the Week, March 9-15, 2015: Seven of Cups

Seven of CupsIt is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.
~ Albus Dumbledore (via J. K. Rowling), Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

In this week before the final square between Uranus and Pluto and during which Saturn the taskmaster turns retrograde, we welcome the Seven of Cups.

It features a silhouetted man with his back to us. He is gazing up at the glowing vision of seven cups that float before him. Some contain images that beckon seductively, others are more fearsome.  And the central one is the Higher Self, glowing with Mystery.

Sevens are connected to Saturn, the Teacher who rules the systems and structures of time, the material realm, and who pushes us to do the practical work needed, to achieve our goals.

The suit of Cups is concerned with emotions, dreams, intuition, and feelings. The Seven of Cups suggests we might wish to look within our hearts to make a choice. But sometimes our emotions are not the best method for deciding.

The Seventh Square

Saturn’s retrograde this week begins an extended opportunity to say no to that which distracts us, or does not serve our true purpose. It is a time to either reinforce our commitment to those projects that we are currently involved in, or else let go of what we do not want.

This is not the best time to experiment with uncertain new endeavors, and to dabble in wishful fantasy is unwise. Saturn has a way of making us get real — now.

In addition, I think it is no coincidence that this Seven visits just as we are preparing for the seventh cosmic showdown that has shaped, not only the past five years, but has possibly defined what will be the new normal for many generations to come.

Next week’s seventh and final exact square features the planet Uranus, which is the planet of sudden change, revolution, and the overthrow of what shackles us. Uranus is currently in the sign of Aries – the no nonsense God of war, ruler of ego, new beginnings, and innovation.

Now imagine this powerful influence in direct confrontation with Pluto – God of the Underworld and death. It oversees the disintegration and destruction of that which cannot sustain or support life. Pluto is currently in the sign of Capricorn, which is concerned with the material and social structures upon which our lives and our entire culture depend. (And it just so happens that Saturn is the planet associated with the sign of Capricorn).

Lastly, imagine that these two intense energies clash directly with one another not once, not twice, but seven times over a long, extremely dramatic five-year period.

What might this final blow yield?

When the political, financial, and religious institutions that we have assumed are unshakeable are, in fact, undergoing revolutionary meltdown, how do you build the foundations for your own future?

In preparation for this final planetary provocation, where will you put your magical focus and intention? You have a week to decide, and then I would invite you to join the many awakened beings who are weaving our talents and gifts, that this final phase in the bigger birthing of the age bring forth the best, most affirming possibilities.

Time to Decide

The Seven of Cups often signals a turning point. But things may be “up in the air.” Your decision may not be easy, for this card often represents having too many choices, or too little substantial or reliable information, or else a very strong tendency to be drawn in by emotions, especially fears and projections.

You can’t keep all options open forever. Beware of staying stuck in the illusion that you can have it all.

What do your fantasies and wildest dreams reveal about your authentic self? How does your imagination shape your reality and reflect your inner truth?

Your emotional awareness is helpful at times, and we all need our dreams. But living exclusively in an imaginary world is a form of self-sabotage, especially if its temptations keep you paralyzed or undermine your willingness to work for what you want.

This card’s appearance may also portend contact with other, mystical realms. But it will be up to you to turn inspiration, magic, and oracular insight into solid results in your life.

Without groundedness and commitment, you are nowhere. Dreams only come true for people who are willing to at last stop dithering, and buckle down to do the work (and Saturn so agrees with this!).

Instead, decide. Commit.

And in so doing, the shining mysterious one in the center will be revealed, for it is you, yourself, in all of your soul’s glory.

Thus you bring blessings to a world very much in need of some.

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