Inspiring Enchantment & Illumination with Tarot & Intuitive Guidance

Regarding My Sabbatical

My Reading Practice

From the deck I use exclusively for myself — The DruidCraft Tarot by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm, with art by Will Worthington. The Druid Animal Oracle is also by this same team.

This is the reading I got when I consulted the cards about taking a sabbatical from offering Tarot readings, except my regular visits to the Dancing Moon Bookstore and at other special events.

These descriptions are rather brief, just to give you a general idea of their meanings and how they spoke to me.

1: What is the most positive potential result of my decision to change my priorities and take this sabbatical?

Ten of Cups -Emotional fulfillment, soulful happiness, joyful home life, peaceful harmony regarding feelings, dreams, matters of the heart. I know well that my heavy work schedule has tested the patience of my sweetie husband, John, especially now that he is retired and looking forward to more enjoyable activities together. This Ten offers a powerful gift.

2: What is the most challenging potential result of this decision?

Rebirth (in the DruidCraft deck; Judgement in the Rider-Waite-Smith): Emergence from the process of initiation; entering into a new life; choosing or being chosen by a new calling; acceptance of a completely new cycle. This is a complete transformation at a core level; and new life quickening in some a very, very old dreams of mine. I know I am being called, but it doesn’t mean it will be easy.

3: What is the best timing for making this change?

Ace of Pentacles: This seemed incredibly auspicious to me. Although the DruidCraft deck depicts this scene as Winter Solstice, I instantly knew that the timing was now — this very week. The Ace of Pentacles just happens to be my Card of the Week THIS WEEK. It’s only the 4th time it has appeared, in over ten years of pulling cards every single week. In other words, only four times in about 500 draws. And of course, its own meaning is the beginning of a new career, income stream, or source of material support.

4: What guidance or aid would be most helpful, as I make this transition?

The Moon: I took this as literal encouragement to continue offering my readings at the Dancing Moon Bookstore. I could also discuss at great length how I personally relate to The Moon. But I will share with you what Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm write about their deck’s particular version.

“As we enter the realm of the moon, we come to a source of creativity: the world of the imagination and of dreams — a mysterious and intriguing realm that can ensnare us in delusion as well as inspire us with visions. It is the realm of enchantment, which can be both positive and negative…”

It is no coincidence that I am called as a Priestess of Enchantment and Illumination.

5: What other important advice does the Tarot offer for me in this matter?

Nine of Wands: This is a card that frequently speaks to me of burnout, which to be honest, I have been feeling at times lately. This wounded warrior is a tough survivor, but is weary of battle, always watchful for the “other shoe to drop.” It can be a warning, I think, to proceed with caution, know who has my back, and who does not. And I also think that it cautions me about feeling like I have to defend my decision. (Like I am sort of doing here? 🙂 ).

6: What is the key to understanding why I need to do this?

Queen of Wands: To me, this Queen embodies creativity, magic, and a passion for life. Her message is that you can step into your power without stepping on others. She is a natural leader and combines the fiery, extroverted magic of the Wands suit with the inward focus of a Queen. It is time for me to embrace the flames of transformation when they burn on behalf of my own desires and creative longings.

7: Summation, from the Druid Animal Oracle

Hawk (Seabhac) :

Be cleansed of that which in the past bound you,
the message that he brings to set us free;
And reconnect to ancient ways around you
to recollect your sense of destiny.
from “Druid Animal Sonnets”

by John Litzenberg © 2001

Pronounced She-vug
Keywords – Nobility. Recollection. Cleansing.

Hawk’s message summarizes beautifully all the previous cards, and gives me powerful guidance. Having the ability to see the big picture, as well as having deep roots connected to the ancestral wisdom that helps me in my work will produce powerful results, and can enable me to soar to my highest destiny.

In their book that accompanies the deck, the Carr-Gomms write, “Seabhac brings the ability to see your life in perspective, to free you of unnecessary ‘baggage’ and to connect you to your ancestral roots…Survey your life calmly and see events in context.”

It is a new day dawning.

And thank you for your interest in all this.