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Bodacious Blessings of the Big Leo Full Moon!

Full Moon in Winter trees
Between having my whole bedroom illuminated all night with this magical Moonlight, as well as being befuddled from all my wild Full Moon dreams, I honestly don’t have the energy to come up with anything pithy on my own today. Instead, I gratefully share the wisdom of some of my favorite astrologers.

First, from my good friend and brilliant Chapel Hill astrologer, Lynn Hayes:

The Leo Full Moon on February 3rd is a powerhouse of enthusiasm and positive energy.  The sign of Leo is majestic and creative, always seeking ways to shine and express the uniqueness of the Self.  In this Full Moon, the Moon conjoins expansive Jupiter, bestowing confidence and abundance and opening the heart to greater potential for joy.

At the Leo Full Moon, the Leo Moon opposes the Aquarius Sun, so there is a tension between the focus on the personal (Leo) and a push for a more transpersonal experience where all of humanity becomes equivalent to the individual self (Aquarius).  

This tension is amplified by the presence of Jupiter, which aligns with the Moon to open the heart and opposes the Sun to plant a seed of dissatisfaction with the status quo and encourage us to seek ever greater experiences and personal admiration.  For Leo’s desire to shine from the open heart also contains a need for adulation from others that can be triggered by Jupiterian righteous confidence.

All Full Moons require balance and integration between two opposing polarities, and this dance between the development of the personal Self (Leo) a the more detached and reasoned focus on humanitarian service (Aquarius) is a tricky one.  Fortunately the Sun, in a harmonious sextile to Uranus, helps us to bridge that divide by exciting the mind and opening up new pathways for us to re-imagine the world around us.

There is a lineup now of planets in Pisces (Mars, Chiron, Venus and Neptune) ask that we surrender and let go of our ideas of who we are and what we must have for our happiness (Leo) in order to find a more transcendent bliss that comes directly from the Divine (Pisces).  

The harmonious sextile from the Sun to Uranus excites us with new possibilities, and a conjunction of Uranus to the South Node (our evolutionary past) provides an opportunity to break free of an old pattern that may be holding us back.

A harmonious sextile from Mercury (mind and communication) to Saturn grounds and balances our thoughts and offers opportunities to see our lives in greater detail and with a more critical eye, beginning with the Full Moon and culminating on the 5th.  

Since Mercury is retrograde and encouraging us to look backwards rather than forwards, this is a wond

erful time to evaluate areas of life that may need improvement so that plans can be implemented after Mercury turns direct on the 11th.

The theme for this Full Moon is the balance between becoming our Very Best Selves under the Leo Moon yet still maintaining a higher awareness of our place on the planet and the way in which we fit into the human community.  Joy and love of life becomes balanced with a strong sense of justice, resulting in a happier and more effective human existence.

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May it be so!

Then, here is the view from one of my other absolute favorites, Elisabeth Grace. I especially appreciate how she always discusses the connection for us between the stars and world events. (By the way, the links added here are my choices; I’m not sure if Elisabeth would have picked or fully agreed with them).

The Full Moon in Leo, exact at 6:09PM ET, suggests ego needs brought to the surface, seeking recognition and perhaps conflicting with the needs of the  group. It also suggests illumination on whatever projects you started on the New Moon two weeks ago. Leo suggests drama, play and royal entitlement, but the regal swagger is tempered today by a tolerant and innovative alignment from Uranus. Nice.

Even the Sabian Symbols for the Full Moon are festive. For the Moon in Leo we have “a pageant”; for the Sun in Aquarius we have “two lovebirds singing on a fence.” I’m inclined to stop right there. Run it up the flagpole and see if anyone salutes.

Perhaps you’ll be test-flying an idea you had around January 5th, when mental Mercury made a Really Useful connection with practical Saturn. You’ll have a chance to consider that idea again around February 19th, when that level-headed connection reoccurs and wraps up the cycle.

Clear your desk before the Moon goes void with an exuberant sigh at 12:31AM ET, on expansive meet-up with Jupiter.

The Moon will be void all day on Wednesday, so take care of routine tasks, chill out, take a Mercury retrograde snow day and roll with any twists that thwart your efforts to move forward in a straight line. You can clean up the confetti when the Moon enters Virgo at 12:32AM ET on Thursday.

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full-moon-flickering-candleLast but not least, I always love the 3-Minute rituals on the beautiful Mooncircles website. I recommend their own Full Moon articles, but I especially wanted to share their Aquarius Sun/Leo Moon ritual for tonight.

May your rites and Full Moon pleasures be fabulously blessed.

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