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Congratulations to Dancing Moon Books

DMoon with borders

If you only read the books that everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking.
~ Haruki Murakami

It’s a big deal when an independent bookstore survives these days. And when it is a niche bookstore, focused on all things esoteric and metaphysical, smack in the heart of the Bible belt, that’s really saying something.

Happily, our friends at Dancing Moon Books in Raleigh have not only survived (although, yes, just like for all of us, there have been some lean times), they are thriving.

Cherry Lea and Dancing Moon

Owner Cherry Lea in one of several big magical rooms at Dancing Moon.

That’s partly because they are well aware that they are not just a shop selling stuff.

They are a hub of a community — an active, vibrant gathering place where all paths, traditions, beliefs, and seekers who come in peace are warmly welcomed.

They encourage closet readers (like me, long ago) to come out and serve the public. They host classes, workshops, authors, and events that bless our community. They have made a beautiful space in which they can showcase the services of healers, readers, and adepts of nearly every persuasion.

And it is also because of US — all of us who have loved them, been nurtured by their presence in our community, and been enriched, body and soul, by their friendship in our lives.

And because WE are not fooled — we know that in the long run, those seeming discounts dangled by the giant corporate sharks are far too expensive to the heart and spirit.

Dancing Moon

Trees singing in front of The Moon

So here’s to the Dancing Moon, celebrating 25 years of being of service to the Divine in us all.

Happy Anniversary!

Come to Dancing Moon Books and Gifts today! I will be there all day, offering my Tarot readings.

And then, starting at 7, join me as we celebrate their 25th Anniversary with a HUGE party with food, prizes, music, friends!

Congratulations to all the beautiful souls over the years who have shone with the light of The Moon.