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Tarot Card of the Week, Nov. 24-30, 2014: Page of Swords

Page of SwordsTo be witty is not enough. One must possess sufficient wit to avoid having too much of it.
  ~ Andre Maurois

This week, as millions of us travel and celebrate Thanksgiving (in the U.S.), we need to stay on our toes and pay attention to important messages. That fierce, smart, sometimes naive youth, the Page of Swords, has come to visit.

Arthur Waite summarized this card with the word, “vigilance.” What enemies are nearby? Is there real danger on the horizon?

The Swords, of course, represent the Element of Air, and correspond to the energy of the intellect, words, the mind, attitude, and information.

Pages in the Tarot are often messengers and risk-takers, with little in the way of possessions, protection or equipment.

And as usual, the question about the Court cards is – as the “people cards” of the Tarot, do they represent us, someone else, or simply the generalized energy?

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Unlike the darker, more stormy scenes in many of the other Swords cards, the sky behind the Page is blue, although the clouds are gathering. The landscape is rough, the water is choppy, and his windswept hair and the circling birds all point to turbulence.

The Page may represent someone engaged in the tumultuous nature of intellectual discovery and inspiration, before experience and wisdom can temper them. He gives us a sense of waiting with sword drawn, for the “other shoe to drop.”

Rites of Passage

It is worth noting that the Page of Swords is the oldest of the four Pages. It will not be long before his initiation into knighthood. What test is he preparing for?

Is there some rite of passage awaiting you this week?  Do you expect important, but possibly difficult news? Is there some situation that threatens to put you on the defensive? Are you expecting some curve ball, that you will need to smack with dead aim, if you are to score?

This could describe many a family gathering, especially when our real families don’t by any measure live up to standards of Norman Rockwell perfection, or even the lovable dysfunction of a cute sit-com.

Yet, if we go into such situations with swords drawn, what kind of response can we expect? Perhaps this rite of passage is to accept with grace the shortcomings and foibles of those we love.

Choose Carefully

What information are we being given that affects our choices? Is it really true? Look for news stories that are sensationalistic, but may not stand up under good, close scrutiny.  Be sure to reality check rumors and gossip.

Perhaps opposition awaits you, but proceed with caution. The Pages are impetuous and inexperienced and don’t handle timing or diplomacy as well as the more mature King or Queen.

Beware of this Page’s juvenile tendencies to show off, being too clever for his own good. He is smart, but not as smart as he may think he is.

If this is you, think before you speak. Make sure you’ve got your facts straight, and dial down your emotions.

If he (or she) is someone else, avoid being drawn into their arguments, for often they are traps constructed from an immature ego and a need for drama.

Confrontation or the possibility of being in harm’s way are rarely much fun. But the Page is light on his feet. Like the Page of Swords, watch your back, stay on the high ground, and keep up your guard if you truly must.

Practice discernment. Know the difference between real challenges and provocation.

He may like to show off his prowess, but real wit is knowing when to stand down.

Watch your words, keep a cool head, and temper the steel of your sword with watchful wisdom.

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