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Tarot Card for Sagittarius Changes, the Week of Nov. 17-23, 2014: Eight of Wands

Eight of Wands

Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.
~ Vincent Van Gogh

After slogging through the recent challenges of The Tower and the Five of Pentacles, things lighten up just in time for the Sun and New Moon in Sagittarius this week. Flying through the sky, we welcome the Eight of Wands.

The eights of the Tarot are about abilities, self-directed action, and moving ahead. And Wands correspond to fire, action, growth, and creative energy.

So here we have a powerful image of eight wands, flying like arrows, all in alignment and balance. The wands are approaching the Earth, so the fire is finding its goal.

This is one of the simplest images in Pamela Colman Smith’s deck, and the only card that has no humans (The Three of Swords has no human figures, but is, after all, a human heart).

We see a hill with a faraway building, rolling fields, and a river. The focus is on eight staves, lined up neatly parallel to one another, soaring through a bright blue sky.

I love that this week, both the Sun and the Moon are moving into the mutable fire sign of the Archer. What could be a better companion as we cross the threshold from deep, dark Scorpio to the sacred preparatory time that leads to the rebirth of the Light — the time of Advent?

In addition, this card is associated with Mercury in Sagittarius, which will occur in just a little over a week from now. This would suggest that we prepare.

Ready, Aim, Fire!

You may be in the midst of a situation that requires (or is the result of) rapid information being distributed.  And it would not be surprising if you are finding yourself a little too busy right now, with projects and commitments up in the air.

If the changes are happening too fast, moderate the pace a little by staying organized and focused. Simplifying and streamlining will do wonders for a more successful outcome.

This is not the time to be distracted or impulsive, but to concentrate.  Prepare for blast-off as you fire up each component that supports your most important priorities. Serendipity and synchronicity are working in your favor, so pay attention to coincidences and luck.

Life now offers an invitation to become more lighthearted. Just be careful that your desires do not lead you into a poorly considered, impetuous drama, especially if you find yourself falling head over heals in love.

That’s because another traditional interpretation of this card is, as Arthur Waite describes it, the Arrows of Love.

So this could be action regarding a love affair, or proposals offered and accepted. There is a sense of haste, so you may be urgently infatuated, with all your energy going into seeking the rapid, most immediate possible gratification of your passions.

The New Moon of the Archer

With this last New Moon before Winter Solstice, at this turning of the year on the ancient Wheel of Time, all the once-small steps of change have lined up into a greater whole.

Under the balsamic Moon, the last days prior to Saturday’s New Moon, clear the clutter, drop the baggage, and simplify.

Then, once you have consolidated your energy in a more intentional way, you can move swiftly forward.

No matter what storms may yet come, what crosswinds may blow, be aware that what you send out into the world, especially under the influence of the Sagittarius New Moon, will launch like the Centaur’s sacred arrows of healing, wisdom, music, and art.

Total commitment is calling; magic is in the air. May your aim be high and true.

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  • November 18, 2014, 9:47 am Sharri Gaines

    here we go again, Beth…the card of the week supporting personal insights received in my meditation time…message loud and clear the past few days…STREAMLINE YOUR LIFE. Thanks so much for this and all juicy and helpful posts! love you, love your gifts.