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Please Help! How YOU Can Step Up for Mother Earth

The care of the Earth is our most ancient and most worthy, and after all, our most pleasing responsibility. To cherish what remains of it and to foster its renewal is our only hope.
~ Wendell Berry

Many of us are extremely concerned regarding the outcomes of last week’s elections because of the abysmal environmental records of some of the most powerful winners.

In fact, most sources agree that the next Chairman of the Environmental and Public Works Committee will be the most vocal, hidebound climate change denier in the government, Jim Inhofe (R-Oklahoma).

He published a book in 2012 calling global warming a hoax, and has compared the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which he will now fund and oversee, to the Nazi Gestapo. Unsurprisingly, the buzz around the Beltway is that the EPA is going to be “stifled.

I would venture to say that for you, my visitors and readers, nothing could be more important.  Our loving commitment to Mama Gaia — caring for the health of our lands, waters, air, and all living beings — is a huge priority for us.

Although the President has just made a “game-changing” agreement with China to deal with climate change, many of the new ranking Republicans have vowed to halt and undo the progress that has been made on behalf of our living biosphere.

Your Help Is Needed

If our own government is part of the problem, where is the solution?

It’s up to us, on a grassroots level, to step up. We must be the wise stewards, even if our leaders will not.  Complacency is just not an option. There is no other rescue.

But starting this week, at least one action you can take can also be very enjoyable!

It’s time once again for the NC Conservation Network’s Annual Fundraising Auction

NCCNThe North Carolina Conservation Network is a statewide network of over 100 environmental, community and environmental justice organizations focused on protecting North Carolina’s environment and public health.

NCCN is one of our most important champions. They are leading the way in protecting our state from the massive exploitation that threatens our unique and fragile ecosystems.

They are the ones pushing back against the huge interests that fund the coal power plants that flaunt the EPA’s clean air standards, the logging and destruction of our wilderness areas in the mountains, and the energy corporations that plan to drill on our beautiful coastlines and that have poisoned our rivers with coal ash.

And there is almost no one else standing between us and the powerful fracking interests already divvying up our rolling hills.

To stand up to these giant corporations with their infinitely deep pockets, and the muscle of the politicians they’ve supported, NCCN needs our help.

But your help can be given easily and enjoyably

Whether you are ready to start shopping for your holiday gifts or just looking for a little treat for yourself, check out their online auction (which opened Monday!) here:

There are over 180 sustainable items, services, adventures, tickets, and trips near and far that are ready for your bid. And, the starting bid for most of the items is half of its retail value!

Tarot CircleI am honored to be contributing again this year, and I’d love to see YOU be the one to benefit!

Would you like to get an hour-long Tarot reading with me at (possibly) a huge discount? Stop by here and bid on a one-hour reading (retail value, $125) either in person or by phone.

I have also donated a membership in my Birthday Club for one lucky bidder.

Besides a reading with me, there are more than 180 other wonderful items you can bid on. They include treats large and small, like luxury B&B stays, art, music, dining, books, personal pampering services of all sorts.. you name it!

Here are just a few of the crazy great deals in this year’s Holiday Auction:

  • coffee subscriptions and baskets
  • services, including yoga and dance lessons, home cleaning, and hair cuts
  • tons of handmade jewelry
  • a VIP tour of the Sierra Nevada brewery in Mills River and other craft beer treats
  • lots and lots of outdoor adventures and getaways throughout our beautiful state

and much, much more!

You can create your own list to keep tabs on your favorite items. Just click on the “Register to bid” link at the top of the page and then click the “Add to My Items” link on your favorite gifts.  And the starting bids begin at half of those items’ retail value!

There are only seven days left to scoop up these deals and support the North Carolina Conservation Network. The auction ends at 10pm next Thursday, the 20th.

Please share this with your friends and networks.  Bid early and often!

When you win, everyone wins!

(ps: You’ll find my reading and the Birthday Club offer in the Services section!)

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