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Tarot Card for Samhain Week, Oct. 27-Nov. 2, 2014: Ten of Cups

Ten of CupsIn a full heart there is room for everything, and in an empty heart there is room for nothing.
  ~ Antonio Porchia, poet (1885-1968)

Here at the threshold of the year, the magical doorway of Beltane in the Southern Hemisphere, and the final harvest and ancient Celtic New Year of Samhain in the northern lands, I was very curious as to which card would guide us. I admit I was surprised at first. But upon consideration, the Ten of Cups is an apt and welcome gift of grace.

This is its third appearance this year — is the third time the charm? After last week’s other Ten, it is certainly a happy antidote to the sorrow and loss.

As I have noted in the many times over the years that this card has come calling, it is the culmination-plus of the potential in the Cups suit – the overflowing of love, heart-connections, and emotional fulfillment.

We see the couple holding each other gently, celebrating the appearance of the cup-crowned rainbow, as the two little children dance. In the distance is their modest home, blue skies, and a clear horizon.

As you may notice, this is another of Pamela Colman Smith’s “stage” cards, referring to the horizontal line across the card that looks like a stage. This certainly gives the appearance of the happily-ever-after ending of a play or story.

The Heart’s Bridge Between Heaven and Earth

Above their heads, is the rainbow running from one side to the other. Rainbows, of course, are often considered a sign of Divine blessings, forgiveness, and protection. A rainbow may also be a bridge, like the Norse Bifrost, that connects the human realms (Midgard) with the Divine (Asgard, land of the Gods).

And so we, too, are at a bridging time – the ending of the end and the beginning of the beginning, as my teacher, RJ Stewart has described the Samhain season.

In the Ten of Cups, human happiness reaches the transcendent threshold of Divine connectedness. We are given the realization that, at the ending of the story, our joy and the joy of The Beloved are one.

Love Is the Doorway

For readers in lands below the Equator, the veils between the human and magical realms of the Shining Ones are now at their most ephemeral. You are welcoming the lusty days of Summer, light, and growth.  You may be visited during Beltane by the People of Peace, or you may more easily slip away to visit those starlit lands.

On the other hand, throughout the Northern Hemisphere, Pagans, Druids, and Witches of nearly every tradition will be celebrating Samhain. It is our third and final harvest celebration, and marks the turning of the Wheel to the dark half of the year. It is the feast of the blessed dead and the time when the barriers between the living and the Ancestors are thinnest.

Whether you are celebrating Beltane or Samhain, communication and travel between the worlds via the Rainbow Bridge are open at this time, for those who are skilled in the ways of the Wise.

And for all of us, no matter which season you are observing, the essence that enables the connections between the realms is love.

A Samhain Message

If you are celebrating the days of Samhain, the Ten of Cups seems to have a most precious meaning.  It invites us to look back and consider our Ancestors, who lived closer to the land, and to whom the scene in this card would have been all they could desire.

Life was not simpler long ago, though we like to imagine it was. But it was certainly shorter, and for most, a whole lot harder. Yet maybe our Ancestors had a much better idea of what true happiness was.

Perhaps this is a little window for us to see life’s greatest gifts with their eyes: a roof over one’s head; fresh flowing water; a healthy, loving family; time for giving thanks and celebrating — truly these were gifts from the Divine.

No iPhone 6.  No Costco membership.  No pumpkin spice latte, Wi-Fi, or home theater with Bluetooth and 3-D necessary.

In what ways are you being invited to give thanks?

If your beloved ones from long ago could see through your eyes — your life right here, right now — what might they point out to you as gifts of amazing grace? Are there things you take for granted, or do not even realize, that they would recognize as treasure?

This week, celebrate your own, most heart-centered abundance. Share it, dance it, commemorate it. Let your gratitude spill out in every direction.

Like our predecessors, strife, danger, and sorrow are often a part of our reality. But having crossed to the lands of the dead, they have learned what truly matters. They show us that there is a shining rainbow bridge that beckons us to Divine bliss.

Happiness is the true essence of every one of us — every man, woman and child.  It is simplicity itself. It is the pulse of the Divine within us.

Let your hearts be full, making room for everything.  We merry meet, and merry part, and merry meet again.

Love is who, why, and what we are.

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  • October 30, 2014, 7:53 am Kate

    What you wrote is beautiful! This is such a special time of year, for so many, and you put it to words, perfectly.

    Thank you, and wishing you a very lovely Samhain.