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Blessings of this Magical, Eclipse-Triggering, Scorpio New Moon

Dark Moon of ScorpioDark of the Moon
New beginnings
Dark of the Moon
Plant a seed tonight
Dark of the Moon
What we envision
Will come to be
By the Full Moon’s light.

On this magical threshold day, we irrevocably cross into the energies of Samhain, for the Sun moves now into the sign of the Lord of the Underworld – Pluto-ruled Scorpio. And not only that, we welcome the Scorpio New Moon as well.

And as if that’s not a big enough double-whammy, this New Moon is accompanied by a partial Solar eclipse. Thus, the astrology of this moment is rich, and complex.

Here is what a few of my favorite astrologers have to say.

Ralfee Finn kicks things off, noting:

We’re in the thrall of a solar eclipse that occurs on October 23, even as we continue to reel from the lunar eclipse of October 8. But that’s not all. Mercury goes direct on Saturday, October 25, and as it “turns around” many of the Ralfee Finnregular routines of daily life also slow to a crawl—and the pace tries the patience of everyone, including the dog.

Solar eclipses are believed to reveal the shadows lying beneath our conscious intentions, and because of their revelatory potency, they are often associated with what we fear will come to the surface.

During a solar eclipse the Moon overshadows the Sun, cutting off the light that sustains us through the day. And even though they occur at regularly predictable intervals, eclipses still stir a sense that something is out of order. Of course, we don’t need an eclipse to tell us that something is wrong. But this eclipse happens at zero Scorpio, a Sign that can sometimes be more about the fear of what can’t be seen—the monster under the bed—than the fear of what actually is…

Love, Money, and the Soul of an Artist

But while intense and worth paying close attention to, the news of this New Moon/Eclipse is not bad!  Lance Ferguson tells us:

lance fergusonAn extraordinary set of events appears in the heavens today. As a New Moon and Solar Eclipse bring the Sun and Moon to the exact place where sweet Venus is parked—this is very rare.

New Moons bring times to plant seeds over the next two weeks. An Eclipse adds power to new events that are begun in this time period. Venus attracts love and money and has the soul of an artist. This is a splendid combination.

Tackle the hard jobs first thing Thursday morning. The Sun enters Scorpio at 6:57 AM. The Moon sextiles Mars at 1:22 PM but then turns Void of Course until she enters Scorpio at 4:10 PM just as Venus also enters Scorpio!

The conjunctions follow as the Moon meets Venus in the heavens at 4:12 PM. The Sun and Moon join hands at 4:57 PM and the Eclipse is formed at 00 degrees of Scorpio with Venus in the same spot. The good vibes here will drift into the evening hours.

This Eclipse is the best New Moon of the year to take action and start something positive in your life. The power extends now for two weeks, until the next Full Moon. As times change.

Intensity As the Veil Thins

My friend Lynn Hayes adds:

Scorpio says “forget your dainty tea parties and your loving relationships – strip yourself of your polite veneer and find your true passion.”Lynn Hayes

Scorpio has no patience for the superficial and encourages us to walk bravely into the fire of our dreams where any hesitation and fears can be burned away, leaving us to be reborn in the ashes of the fire – a cathartic emergence into our true selves and our true empowerment. [Remind you of our Card of the Week? Yes, me too. ~ B.]

The zero degree point of Scorpio marks the entry into the period between the autumn equinox and the winter solstice that culminates at 15 Scorpio.  This is the time when the veil grows thin and communication between the worlds of the dead and the living may occur. We are highly connected now to the interplay of dimensions and intuitive abilities are at their peak.

Venus continues to play an important role, meeting the Sun and Moon in Scorpio and preparing us to dive into the depths of the dark pool.  There is tremendous potential now for our relationships to open the door to the power of the Scorpio experience in a kind of tantra that connects us deeply into our own soul as well as the beloved.

As if this isn’t enough, the asteroid Pallas is also within a degree to the Sun, Moon and Venus to shine a bright light of wisdom and understanding into the process.  Scorpio is highly emotional and full of fire and the conscious objectivity of the Sun is eclipsed now – the wise detachment of Pallas brings a bit of objectivity and awakens the mind in the midst of the intensity of this event.

The Sun and Venus, aligned in a conjunction, both enter Scorpio on the 23rd just in time for the New Moon solar eclipse, which is at the very first degree of Scorpio. As an eclipse, this event is not particularly powerful astrologically since the lunar nodes are about 12 degrees from the Sun and Moon and in a different sign.

But the Scorpio New Moon always ramps up the intensity, offering an opportunity to clear the decks and purge anything in our lives that we have outgrown or which holds us back, and a lunation at the first degree of any sign is a powerful representative of that sign.  At about five degrees Pisces, Neptune aligns with the New Moon in a harmonious trine to the Scorpio stellium, warming the soul and inspiring an experience of divine creativity.

This event has the potential to drive a wedge in a closed heart and open us up to a magnificent connection to the soul.  For this to happen we must leave our fears behind along with any idea of who we think we are.  Instead, like Inanna at the gate of the Underworld, we have shed our clothing and our false facades, and are ready to meet our true Twin Flame – the heart of our True Self.

Additional Guidance and Ritual Suggestions

MoonCirclesFor additional wisdom, I urge you to visit the always fascinating Elisabeth Grace’s post for this magical Moon.

And if you seek inspiration for a deep, powerful observance of this Scorpio New Moon, you mustn’t miss the brilliant Dana Gerhardt’s “Call and Response.

And as always, the 3-Minute Moon Ritual for this magical event, also found at Mooncircles, is simple but sumptuous.

As Ralfee concludes in her assessment, “Be kind to your fellow travelers this week and also be kind to yourself. We live in times of great upheaval and uncertainty, and during such times, even the strongest among us (even those whose worlds wobble least) need a helping hand and a gentle touch. So when possible, try a little tenderness.”

As we now journey deep into the sacred dark, may your rites be blessed.