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Tarot Card of the Week, Aug. 18-24, 2014: The Empress Returns

The EmpressYou have access to an inexhaustible, invisible storehouse of good…
When we choose abundance, we become rich in the Real.

~ Sarah Ban Breathnach, Simple Abundance – A Daybook of Comfort and Joy

Back again so soon?  What a delight and a blessing as The Empress accompanies us in the last days of the August Moon.

I am personally grateful to her, for she shows up in a time that is otherwise packed a little too tightly, as I have just returned from a prolonged vacation and time of creative incubation.

Therefore, I will take this as a gift and mostly encore what I wrote several weeks ago when she came to call, with just a few modifications, particularly to the astrological references.

I will add this, too:  I can’t help but notice that she is showing up in the week that I am offering my first ever class on how to create a prosperous metaphysical business.

For readers and practitioners who are considering transitioning from dabbler, or amateur, to a successful business professional, I am honored and delighted to offer a workshop just for you this coming Saturday.

It will certainly be drawing on the power of The Empress as we discover ways to fulfill our calling and still flourish with beauty and ease.  (ps: There is one seat left, FYI. Yours?).

Welcoming the Great Mother

You can see that The Empress is beautiful, presiding over a field of wheat, with trees and a stream with a waterfall in the background.  She is abundant, lush, fertile, and relaxes on her throne of cushions.  In many decks, she is pregnant, although in the Rider-Waite-Smith, this is less obvious.

She offers us the ample pleasures, security, and the love of the Great Mother. She is Nature in all her glory. As Tarot expert Rachel Pollack so beautifully describes, she is not merely the forms of Nature, but the underlying principle of Life itself.

Beside her stands the great shield of Venus, for The Empress is passionate Aphrodite. Her scepter echoes this symbol as well.

At her feet is a field of grain, for she is the Goddess who rules agriculture — Ceres, Ops, Demeter, Corn Mother, the Grain Goddess.

Her necklace holds nine pearls, suggesting the nine planets of our Solar System. And her crown is a circlet of six-pointed stars, each representing the twelve signs of the zodiac.

This hexagram shape is familiar to many as the Star of David, and also recognized as the ancient Seal of Solomon. It is also the intertwining of two triangles, combining the magical, alchemical symbols for masculine Fire and feminine Water.

The Goddess of Love and Beauty

This week, the two brightest planets, Venus and bountiful Jupiter, meet for the first time since May, 2000 and kiss in the dawning sky.

On Friday, the Sun slips from Leo into the Goddess-ruled Virgo, a prelude to the change of the seasons — Autumn approaches in the Northern Hemisphere, while fertile Spring is stirring in the lands south of the Equator.

Into this juicy milieu, The Empress returns, with her voluptuous, inexhaustible life-force.

On a personal basis, The Empress often indicates a pregnancy and the importance of children in our lives. These children may be literally human, or they may be our creative expressions, projects, or ideas.

The Empress, as the Great Mother, offers unconditional love to all her children. She is the source of all abundance, beauty, health, and regeneration.

This is a time for nurturing, nesting, and building a secure, wholesome environment for you and your loved ones. Beauty, sensuousness, and earthly pleasures are the focus this week. And how might The Empress help you make better choices for a healthier life?

Her Beloved Children

With the blessings of The Empress, we are called to awaken from the poisonous spell of scarcity and intolerance.

She reminds us that all of us are her beloved children — every race, every nation, and also every living thing, of which humanity is only one species.

When we live in harmony with the divine wisdom of Mother Earth, bountifulness is the norm.  We are now fully engaged in the shift that will make this so.

This week, how can you discover new ways to embrace the beauty and splendor of the world around you? The Empress empowers your creativity with abundance and wholesome results.

Open the doors of your inexhaustible, invisible storehouse of Good!

Receive what is given with gratitude; share what you have with generosity and joy. We have and are so much more than we have been led to believe.

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  • August 19, 2014, 10:33 am Ellen

    Hi Beth
    What an elaborate beautiful post about the Empress. No surprise she is one of my favorite Tarot cards, although I don’t draw her that often. For me too she is a representation of the Great Mother who has many aspects and names