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Tarot Card of the Week, July 21-27, 2014: The Empress

The EmpressAbundance is about being rich, with or without money.
~ Suze Orman

This week, when both the Sun and New Moon align in Leo, the sign which has just begun a year of blessings from Jupiter, perhaps it is no surprise that for only the fourth time in over 10 years, The Empress graces us with her voluptuous, inexhaustible life-force.

You can see that The Empress is beautiful, presiding over a field of wheat, with trees and a stream with a waterfall in the background.  She is abundant, lush, fertile, and relaxes on her throne of cushions.  In many decks, she is pregnant, although in the Rider-Waite-Smith, this is less obvious.

She offers us the ample pleasures, security, and the love of the Great Mother. She is Nature in all her glory. As Tarot expert Rachel Pollack so beautifully describes, she is not merely the forms of Nature, but the underlying principle of Life itself.

Beside her stands the great shield of Venus, for The Empress is passionate Aphrodite. Her scepter echoes this symbol as well.

At her feet is a field of grain, for she is the Goddess who rules agriculture — Ceres, Ops, Demeter, Corn Mother, the Grain Goddess.

Her necklace holds nine pearls, suggesting the nine planets of our Solar System. And her crown is a circlet of six-pointed stars, each representing the twelve signs of the zodiac.

This hexagram shape is familiar to many as the Star of David, and also recognized as the ancient Seal of Solomon. It is also the intertwining of two triangles, combining the magical, alchemical symbols for masculine Fire and feminine Water.

The Empress and the New Leo Moon

Annie Heese and Adam Banks at Café Astrology discuss this Saturday’s New Moon:

The New Moon in Leo is an excellent time for formulating some goals regarding “all things Leo.” Concentrate on new ways to enhance your romantic life, creative endeavors and hobbies, and relationship with children.

Think about the keywords for this self-expressive fire sign — such things as proud, magnanimous, generous, hospitable, caring, warm, authoritative, active, and open — and consider ways to incorporate these traits into your personality…

The New Moon aligns with Jupiter, occurring only two days after the Sun aligns with Jupiter in early Leo, and this encourages us to focus our energies on growing, improving, and expanding.Creativity Osho Tarot

And as astrologer Lynn Hayes notes, Leo is the Divine Child – innocent, creative, fun-loving, full of adventure.   Thus, as the Sun enters its own sign on Tuesday, and the New Moon begins its new cycle there, too, we can expect the focus to be on pleasures, childhood, artistic innovation, enlightenment, and beauty.

These qualities are in perfect alignment with the best aspects of The Empress, who is actually named Creativity in at least one Tarot deck.

How Might the Empress Bless You This Week?

On a personal basis, The Empress often indicates a pregnancy and the importance of children in our lives. These children may be literally human, or they may be our creative expressions, projects, or ideas.

The Empress, as the Great Mother, offers unconditional love to all her children. She is the source of all abundance, beauty, health, and regeneration.

This is a time for nurturing, nesting, and building a secure, wholesome environment for you and your loved ones. Beauty, sensuousness, and earthly pleasures are the focus this week. And how might The Empress help you make better choices for a healthier life?

Humanity’s old, sad history of lack, and not enough to go around is only a myth, perpetuated by systems of war, arrogance, greed, and imbalance.

With the blessings of The Empress, we are called to awaken from the poisonous spell of scarcity and intolerance. When we live in harmony with the divine wisdom of Mother Earth, bountifulness is the norm.  We are now fully engaged in the shift that will make this so.

This week, how can you discover new ways to embrace the beauty and splendor of the world around you? What sweet harvest will you be reaping at Lughnasadh next week? The Empress empowers your creativity with abundance and wholesome results.

Receive what is given with gratitude; share what you have with generosity and joy. We have and are so much more than we have been led to believe.

Indeed, we are rich beyond imagining.

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  • July 22, 2014, 2:17 am Athene Noctua

    What a lovely card of the week to draw on your birthday. : )

    I can not tell you relieved I am to see this card. Last week ended with family members in a car accident, and this one has started off with a plumbing leak, which had me freaked out about any other hidden issues with my “new” house and the cost of maintaining it. Till I remembered my agent bought me a home warranty. One call to them and for a flat fee the plumbing will be fixed. Found out the same applies to the garage door-opener that lost it’s chain. It’s a relief to know I can get these items taken care with out burning up my savings.

    Love the part about being generous. As a Taurus, money is one of my big fears, and I always worry about having enough. During my move, and my stay in Chicago at a recent convention, I made it a point to tip more frequently-such as the guys installing the washer and dryer, or the airport coach guy. It didn’t impact my bottom line as much as I thought it would, and I came home to a partial refund of my damage deposit on my old place, which covered an unexpected bill. It just reinforced what I’ve heard about money being energy that needs to circulate. Hope I can continue to remember that and continue to add to the flow of it for myself and others.

    Thank you for another great post.

  • July 22, 2014, 8:25 am Beth

    Oh, golly! I hope everyone is okay???
    And thank you for posting — you are SO welcome..

    You touch on something I am very interested in. I am busy writing an e-book about money magic for spiritually sensitive people, so stay tuned. I tackle a lot of these fears head on, because I think we need to heal our relationship with money the way the Victorians needed to heal their issues with sexuality. Love to you, my friend!