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Blessings of the New Moon in Her Home Sign of Cancer

New Moon MotherDark of the Moon
New beginnings
Dark of the Moon
Plant a seed tonight
Dark of the Moon
What we envision
Will come to be
By the Full Moon’s light.

Make a magical wish, because today we celebrate a very juicy New Moon.  Moon magick is one of the very oldest, simplest, and most effective kinds.

New Moons are when we plant the seeds of our intentions. Then, as Lady Luna waxes, we nurture and encourage those desires to grow and manifest.

When the Full Moon arrives in two weeks, we should see the fruition of this magical working, or at least a landmark of affirmation on the way to more long-term outcomes.

This New Moon arrived at 4:08am (Eastern time). She is in the sign of mothering Cancer, which is the zodiac sign that is ruled by the Moon, and which would be delighted to help your dreams come true!

Her nurturing, mystical, loving vibe should permeate this time, and if your “seeds” focus on family, relationships, security, and dreams for home and hearth, all the better, since those are some of Cancer’s specialties.

My friend, astrologer Lynn Hayes notes that family is more than just who shares DNA with you.  “Family” also applies to those soul-friends and tribal companions with whom we identify.  They, too, can be acknowledged in your New Moon rites. Lynn shares some beautiful insights for you regarding this most magical moment.

In addition, our blog friend, UK astrologer Lorna Bevan has a very clear message for us, that certainly resonates for me, regarding the deep, delicious possibilities of this New Moon:

Today’s New Moon and the Capricorn Full Moon on July 12th are the last lunations of the Cardinal Grand Cross between Uranus, Jupiter, Mars and Pluto that has been shaking the ground under your feet for so long.

Mercury is stationing to turn forward on Monday, bringing you the evidence of what you’ve learned, mastered, or still need to face.

In July, as Jupiter enters Leo on the 16th, Saturn turns direct on the 21st and Mars enters Scorpio on the 25th, it will feel like the cosmic wheel is turning after 6 months of juddering and stuckness–almost like the real starting gate of the Year of the Wild Horse.

Today’s sensitive, mystical New Moon at 5 degrees Cancer, the sign of the Mother, is the Mercury retrograde seeding.

Three weeks ago when the Messenger tuned backwards on the World Axis, all you had was a ragbag of scrappy plans, random intentions, and disconnected ideas.  Can you see and feel the beautiful rainbow silk threads of a coherent tapestry that have been weaving themselves without you noticing?

As Mercury trines and Jupiter squares the North Node of Fate, your blueprint for the next 6 months to the December 21st Solstice is emerging — waiting for you to to turn it into living, breathing architecture.

I know many people have been feeling like they’ve been stuck in a permanent retrograde limbo, struggling to get some forward traction for their goals and plans. Part of the problem was the long Mars retrograde that finally ended in mid-May, only to have Mercury reverse just a couple of weeks later.

But as Lorna points out, the big whammy has been coming from the fallout after that Cardinal Grand Cross back in April, which is now fading from influence. With this New Moon, we can prepare to make some real headway — thank the heavens!

The outer planets are still going to be affecting our hindsight gathering, since Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto are currently retrograding, with Uranus joining their big backwards dance on July 21.

But once Mercury, Venus, and Mars get their acts together, day-to-day progress will be a lot smoother and more productive.

So what will you wish for? What understanding have you been cultivating during this long period of delays, second thoughts, and reversals?

For additional ritual recommendations, Moon love, and wisdom, stop by the beautiful Mooncircles website.

And may all your rites, wishes, and Moon dreams be blessed!

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  • June 27, 2014, 7:04 pm kd12

    Really love this, Beth! Today, in honor of the new moon, my 13-year-old daughter and I did something we’ve never done — the Santeria Oshun ritual to honor the new moon on this Venusian Friday, and the universal flow of life energy all around.

    We each took a seeded bun, put a note inside with our intentions, a nickel (to symbolize the number of 5), some honey for sweetness, and then a candle. As the candles burned, we did something to pamper ourselves. Once the candles burned out, we took the rolls to to a large nearby lake named for a famous female mystic, and tossed them into the waves.

    We sat and talked for awhile, then walked along the shoreline to see if we could catch a glimpse of our rolls. Despite the rolling waves, we spotted them, the mama roll just ahead of the daughter roll:-)

    And then suddenly there appeared two beautiful, mature white swans. I’d just recently been doing some reflection on limiting beliefs, including one in which I’d believed for many years that I was not beautiful (this started in jr high when a boy looked at me and called me a Martian; for some reason I began to believe that meant I was ugly & it stayed with me a long time). As the rolls bounced on top of the water, one swan swam over to my roll and began to chew on part of it.

    At that moment, it felt like the swan was taking in my intentions to live a beautiful life — a divine metaphor of the ugly ducking-transforming-into-a-beautiful-swan story. Honestly, I was over the moon (pun intended!).

    The swan did not eat the whole roll; it’s partner examined my daughter’s roll but then left it alone. We left the lake feeling positive our intentions have been witnessed, heard, and answered.

    My daughter loved this ritual as much as I did; plus it fit so well with the way you wrote about this new moon’s mothering aspect. I am excited to see the Year of the Wild Horse move forward (today it felt like it had serious giddyup going on).

    blessings to you & happy new moon:-)

  • June 28, 2014, 9:57 am Beth

    Oh, boy! I LOVE this! What a beautiful ritual, and I love that you did it with your daughter… Thank you for sharing it!

    May dear Oshun bless you, and ensure that healing washes away forever the suffering of your doubts and hurt. May She bless your daughter, too, and for you both, may love and magic always sparkle and bring you sweet delight.