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Tarot Card of the Week, May 19-25, 2014: Seven of Wands

Seven of WandsIf I must choose between peace and righteousness, I choose righteousness.
— Theodore Roosevelt

In this week when Mars stations direct after its LONG retrograde, we welcome the Seven of Wands.

The Wands, ruled by the element of Fire, point to our energy, will, and passion. And the Sevens of the Tarot are ruled by Saturn, so they often present lessons and challenges.

Here we see a figure who is staunchly defending himself. His expression is one of fierce determination. Although he is outnumbered, he stands on the high ground. This would seem to show he has a moral advantage, pointing to his integrity and valor.

His flexibility might be indicated by the fact that he is wearing two different kinds of boots. Or was he just in a rush to get dressed?

Despite the dramatic look of this scene, his enemies are unseen, nor are they able to reach him, at least for now.

Sometimes, the challenges that come into our lives are there to help us develop our courage and inner strength. Or they can help us clarify what is and is not a real priority.

This week’s card indicates that this is a struggle that, far from being a drain, may be exhilarating in some way, or one that brings us a chance to confront some issues we need to resolve once and for all.

Confrontation Ahead

The last time this card turned up, we in North Carolina were in the midst of the weekly confrontations called Moral Mondays. Led by the NAACP, educators, spiritual leaders, environmentalists, and more, the “Army of Love” has been protesting against the devastating gutting of our state government’s support for teachers, the environment, the unemployed, racial justice, voting rights, and more.

This very day, that protest movement resumes, despite the lawmakers having rushed a bill through last week, aiming to make it illegal to “disturb” their legislative session. Coincidence?

In addition, Mars, which has been in retrograde, and then stewing stationary, at last moves direct today. As the action planet of ambition, intense passion, and getting things done, all the stuckness and apathy that’s been clogging up projects since early March is finally unleashed.

But more aggressive competition may now be triggered as well.  The Seven of Wands suggests that we stand our ground and defend what matters.

Time to Step Up

In what way might you may be called upon to step up to a challenge and defend your rights or beliefs?  What do you value, despite the criticism or negative opinions of others?

This is not the time to let others walk over you, for that path leads to passiveness and loss.  Do not abandon fairness or compassion, but know your bottom line.

We all have to pick our battles, and most sane people prefer peace.

But there are times when we must confront injustice, ignorance, bigotry, or the harm that others inflict. Don’t avoid this struggle just because it may be difficult or you might seem outnumbered.

Taking a stand may disturb the peace, but there is no peace where righteousness has been compromised or silenced.

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