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Wishing You a Blessed Earth Day: Psalm 95

From Angela Magara’s masterpiece, Earth Psalms – a slim volume that belongs on every shelf. It is based on the biblical Psalms, but infused with poetry that beats with the heart of Earth-based spirituality.

Blessings and gratitude to our beloved Gaia, Mother Earth, on Her sacred day today! Let us vow to better honor and care for Her.

ps: Remember – psalms are poetry, and poetry is meant to be voiced aloud. Poetry is also the oldest spellcraft of humanity. For the biggest magical results, sing this one aloud, outdoors, with your own made-up tune.
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Gaia the Earth Mother © Peggy Kane

Psalm 95

Come and sing, let us sing to the rocks who stand with Life.
Let joy resound with a great noise.
Life holds sacredness in her generous hand.
Be not silent with your love.

Sing of Earth who holds the caves within.
Whose Body breathes hills and mountains
And throbs with the music of the sea.
She lies open and waiting in every grain of dust.
Celebrate her.

Dance with pleasure, sing Life.
Join the rocks and trees in chorus.
Wrap your legs around the mountains
And let your lips caress the river.
Join with Life in this moment
And Sing.