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Wishing You a Happy and Blessed May Eve!

Throughout my whole life, during every moment I have lived, the world has gradually been taking on light and fire for me, until it has come to envelop me in one mass of luminosity, glowing from within… The purple flush of matter fading imperceptibly into the gold of spirit, to be lost finally in theContinue reading Read more

8 Luminous Sparks

Tarot Card of the Week, April 28-May 4, 2014: The World

In my beginning is my end. In my end is my beginning.   ~ T. S. Eliot This week, we in the Northern Hemisphere will be celebrating the sacred rites of Beltane, while our neighbors below the equator observe the great sabbat of Samhain.  In addition to these ancient threshold ceremonies, there is a New MoonContinue reading Read more

Wordless Wednesday: Embryonic Journey

Wishing You a Blessed Earth Day: Psalm 95

From Angela Magara’s masterpiece, Earth Psalms – a slim volume that belongs on every shelf. It is based on the biblical Psalms, but infused with poetry that beats with the heart of Earth-based spirituality. Blessings and gratitude to our beloved Gaia, Mother Earth, on Her sacred day today! Let us vow to better honor andContinue reading Read more

Tarot Card of the Week April 21-27, 2014: Six of Pentacles

The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings; the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries. ~ Winston Churchill Having visited at almost this exact time last year, the Six of Pentacles appears during this week of extreme astrological tension, showing us a picture of resources given and received.Continue reading Read more

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