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Tarot Card of the Week, Dec. 2-8, 2013: The Knight of Pentacles

Knight of Pentacles

Know what you own, and know why you own it.
~ Peter Lynch

As we begin feeling the full impact of the holiday shopping season, money and materialism are in the forefront for many of us.  So it is quite instructive to have a visit from the infrequently seen Knight of Pentacles.

The Knights of the Tarot are the champions, the energetic and often forceful movers and shakers of the Court. But with Pentacles, we have a sturdy, well-grounded fellow who is not in a big hurry. “Steady as she goes,” is his motto.

Unlike the other suits’ adventurers, this Knight is cautious, measured in his approach, and dogged in the pursuit of his goals. A hard-worker, he has tremendous stamina and dedication.

Every job is always completed down to the last detail. He never multitasks, or leaves anything dangling unfinished. He’s careful and prudent, never wasteful.

However, he tends to be a bit stodgy and dull. He’s not known for his playful sense of humor, or brilliant repartee. He finds emotional drama puzzling and usually unpleasant, preferring down-to-earth plain talk and pragmatism.

Work always comes first for him, and he can be inflexible and obsessive about little details. He doesn’t much like change or risk and tends towards pessimism, in the name of being “realistic.” This attitude works well for him, however, as he is usually comfortably well off.

This week, perhaps you are finding it necessary to proceed with care in some situation. With the New Moon in expansive Sagittarius, there can be a caution-to-the-wind impulse, but this Knight holds his coin carefully, considering where his best investment lies for the long term.

His challenge is knowing when to overcome his natural conservatism and take a leap of faith, inviting some pizazz into the mix.

It is especially timely that he should share his wisdom with us this week.  He encourages us to be more prudent, persistent, and to slow down and focus.

Do your homework on your purchases. Make a budget and stick to it before you saddle up and head for the malls or go cyber-shopping. And you might take better care of your greatest resource – your health.

He also suggests we might be more mindful of where our shopping dollars are going, and whose pockets we are lining. The Knight reminds us that we vote with our wallets even more than at the polling booth.

Giant corporate interests, especially those led by ultraconservative billionaires and lobbyists, are often at complete odds with our own desires for social justice, peace, worker rights, and Gaian friendly practices. If you don’t like them, or the commercialism of this time of year, the Knight’s message is to cut them off at the paycheck.

Instead, consider buying locally-made and produced wares, as well as supporting your local independent businesses. Your patronage is critically important right now.

This week, let us take a long, clear look at what is really of value, for it is rarely what is being hustled to us.

May the Knight of Pentacles offer you his blessings of abundance, patience, and care as we move into this sacred time of giving.

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  • December 3, 2013, 11:26 am Carolyn Cushing

    Interesting. Seems to be an earth week. I have the Ace of Earth for the Path card and the Elder of Earth for the Posture card for the Gaian weekly practices. We just need to find the Guardian of Earth. Maybe we are supposed to be the Guardians of Earth by following your sage advice above!

  • December 4, 2013, 8:43 am Diane Jackson

    The best gift of holiday giving is that of helping another. Make a donation in the name of your friend or family member to a charity of your choice. I personally love to support our furry four leggeds. So, I choose organizations like Independent Animal Rescue and Safe Haven for Cats. This is a gift of love and compassion that fills your heart with the true meaning of Christmas.

  • December 4, 2013, 9:15 am Beth

    YES! ♥ Thank you both! ♥