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Tarot Card of the Week, Nov. 18-25, 2013: Justice

JusticeThe foundation of justice is good faith.
— Marcus Tullius Cicero, 106-43 BCE

Our guide for this coming week is a powerful Major Arcana card that we have not seen for several years.  The Justice card represents fairness and finding balance in all things.

Justice is one of the three cardinal virtues represented in the Tarot. The others are Temperance and Fortitude (or Strength).

Throughout Tarot history, this card has been invariably titled “Justice” and is always depicted as a woman with sword and scales. Sometimes she has a halo; almost always she is seated on a throne. Usually the sword is in her right hand, occasionally it is in her left.

According to author and expert Rachel Pollack, the image on the Waite-Smith deck is the Roman Goddess, Justitia, who is normally blindfolded. But in the Tarot, She is connected to the psychic laws of Justice, “by which we advance according to our ability to understand the past.”

In order for this to happen, we must see clearly the truth about ourselves and about life; so Her eyes, like our own, must be open.

Not only does the Tarot image of Justice represent legal law and order, and making criminals pay for their deeds, she is the representative of a deeper, Spiritual Justice.

Every day we hear about people and groups who are seemingly getting away with terrible deeds, yet appear to go free and unpunished: from driving under the influence or cheating on partners, all the way up to priests molesting children, corporations destroying the ecosystem, and the vast corruption in financial and governmental institutions.

But eventually, things do sort themselves out, and evildoers will someday, somehow, have to deal with the consequences of their actions.

The Justice card reminds us that Nature always adjusts, and the consequences of every action eventually come around. Despite how it sometimes looks, each and every one of us is, eventually, accountable.

When Justice appears, the obvious expectation is that legal matters may be in the forefront. Money, real estate, law enforcement, inheritance matters, and civil or criminal jurisprudence could certainly be important now.

But additionally, since Major Arcana cards are less about any particular event, and more deeply about our own spiritual awakenings, this is a time to be scrupulously honest in all your dealings.

Something is working out the way that it must, for there is karmic payback in play. What results might you now be seeing, due to decisions and actions that have been taken in the past?

Coincidentally (ha!), in several very recent readings, I have met with clients who feel they are helplessly under the influence of some powerful, but bad, person. They are in real pain, sensing that they are the pawns of some wicked, but enthralling seducer, or even spellbound by dark magic.

Justice has come up over and over in these readings, as a reminder that we really do have the power to know right from wrong and to act accordingly.  Although other people may have enormous charisma, or sexual allure, or tantalizing offers of fame and fortune, such influence is almost never a match for our inner compass of right and wrong – our personal sense of Justice.

Bear in mind that the Justice card is not about punishment. It is about adjustment. The sword suggests that sometimes this won’t be pleasant. Justice pares things down with that sword so that the scales are made to balance.

Do you have an important decision to make at this time? Think it over carefully, with absolute honesty and fairness, for it is likely to have long-term effects that will return to you one way or another. How can you restore balance where it is needed?

What declaration or verdict is waiting for your decision now? Consider carefully the evidence before you. Hear all sides of the story. Do not act until you are quite sure you have considered all possible repercussions in terms of what is right and wrong, or how it will affect others in ways that may be unjust. But you must, eventually, weigh in with your verdict, for indecision and denial have their own bitter fruit.

It is time to do what’s necessary, no matter how challenging, in order to gain, or re-gain equilibrium.

As long as you have looked honestly into your own heart and know you are acting in good faith, you can trust that, while this might not be the easy way, it is the wise and true way forward.

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  • November 20, 2013, 8:52 am Gillian

    Many thanks I enjoyed this article, both for giving me a deeper understanding of the meaning of the card and as a pointer towards things in my life that require the influence of Justice.