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Only a Couple of Days Left…

Autumn River

Have you wanted to join my Birthday Club, or get an hour-long Tarot reading with me at (possibly) a huge discount?

And while you’re at it, would you like to support clean air and water, and protect the health of the rich, beautiful lands of our state?

Now is the time!

I am supporting my friends at the NC Conservation Network for their online auction which is happening RIGHT NOW.  I have donated a year-long membership to my Birthday Club, and (separately) a one-hour reading (available local or long-distance!).

Besides my own services, there are about 200 other wonderful items you can bid on. There are treats large and small, like jewelry, outdoor adventure trips, luxury B&B stays, art, music, dining, books, personal pampering services of all sorts.. you name it!

And the starting bids begin at half of those items’ retail value!

North Carolina Conservation NetworkThe North Carolina Conservation Network is a statewide network of over 100 environmental, community and environmental justice organizations focused on protecting North Carolina’s environment and public health.

They are leading the way in protecting our state from the exploitation that threatens our unique and fragile ecosystems.

NCCN is an important watchdog pushing back against the huge interests that fund the coal power plants that flaunt the EPA’s clean air standards, the logging and destruction of our wilderness areas in the mountains, the energy corporations that want to drill on our beautiful coastlines, and the ominous new fracking interests now targeting our rolling Piedmont.

To stand up to a hostile legislature and their giant corporate cronies with seemingly infinitely deep pockets, NCCN needs our help this year, more than ever before.

There are only about 3 days left to scoop up these deals and support the North Carolina Conservation Network. Check out all the great deals at Bidding ends at 10pm, Thursday, the 21st.

All items are delivered free of charge and will be in your hands in time for holiday gift giving.

Please bid early and often! Maybe you will be the next member of my Birthday Club or the winner of an hour-long Tarot reading session. When you win, everyone wins!

ps: My reading and club membership bids are in the Services section!

pps: As I was writing this, I got an email from their coordinator letting folks know that there are a number of AMAZING goodies that have not even been bid on yet!

You could snag yourself an oceanfront week at Pine Knoll Shores in the summer, a 90-minute massage session, two private wine tastings, and so much more — all for practically nothing!

Join the fun and do yourself, and Mama Earth a world of Good!  

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