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Blessings of the Full Taurus Moon, Sun in Scorpio

Moon and Cranes

I am preparing for a very magical afternoon (with you, I hope!) at the Dancing Moon Psychic Fair, so I am quickly sharing, verbatim, Diane (Neith) Lang’s excellent interpretation of this Full Moon.  The first part of her article has the juicy, geeky details. But if that’s not your thing, skip along to the last two or three paragraphs.

I am also including the always-wonderful MoonCircles website’s 3-minute Moon ritual. Their longer articles interpreting this Full Moon are also outstanding, so if you’re eager for more, please do stop by here.

By the way, this is a particularly splendid time to get a reading. At our Psychic Fair today, you can try out lots of different readers and modalities, plus get your Aura Photograph from one of the best, most thorough experts I have ever met. Each 20-minute session is only $20.

The Fair runs from 1 to 5pm, with first come, first served tickets going on sale at 12:45. As you might imagine, the line queues up earlier than that, so don’t dilly-dally.

Please stop by and see me. I will have a special treat for everyone who gets a 20-minute reading with me today!

Blessings and enormous gratitude, especially for all the beautiful notes and good energy you have sent my way in these last several days.  May your rites be sumptuous!

~ Beth

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Full Taurus Moon © Dara on FlickrFull Moon in Taurus, November 17, 2013

Libra Seeking Balance
Diane (a.k.a. Neith) Lang

Anyone expecting drama and excitement on this Full Moon at 25° 26′ Taurus may be in for a letdown. Taurus prefers to keep drama to a minimum and with only one planet in fire and none in air, the status quo will prevail. A conjunction between the rulers of the Scorpio Sun and Taurus Moon, Pluto and Venus, in conventional Capricorn confirms this.

Any time Venus conjoins Pluto, control issues surface and jealousy can rear its ugly head. Since Capricorn leans towards being controlling in their relationships already and Uranus in Aries is square the Venus-Pluto conjunction, we may see vicious arguments erupt seemingly out of nowhere over who is the boss.

The basis of those disagreements though is likely the result of resentment building up behind the scenes for quite some time. Keep in mind the recent Solar Eclipse in Scorpio stirred up the mud at the bottom of some very deep waters.

Those who have personal planets from 8° to 11° in the cardinal signs are candidates for standing up and letting the world know they have had enough!

A waxing trine between Saturn in Scorpio and Jupiter in Cancer (exact on December 12) connects to Mars in Virgo to create a mini-triangle in earth and water.

This fortuitous pattern combines work ethic, inspiration and plenty of tenacity – perfect for works in progress. It affirms the need to go with clear strategies based firmly in reality. Success will come from sustained effort and a pragmatic approach.

For those who are still in the planning stages, the Mercury-North Node conjunction in Scorpio widely trine Neptune in Pisces is wonderful for choosing a direction.

Our dreams, both while sleeping and when awake, may provide the keys needed to make the best possible choice. Intuition and gut feelings are an important factor here.

As Taurus Full Moons go, this is an especially touchy feely one. Celebrate the occasion with good food and drink in a comfortable environment. After the tensions of the eclipse season, we could use some down time, relaxing with friends and family.

The Moon enjoys her stay in sensual, down to earth Taurus and with no major aspects to the luminaries to disturb matters we might as well eat, drink and be merry!

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Three Minute Full Moon Ritual

Taurus Full Moon: Sun. Nov. 17, 2013, 10:16 a.m. EST,
Sun 25.26 Scorpio, Moon 25.26 Taurus

Drawing down the moon…

Imagine above you the round glowing disc of the moon, bathing you in a protective circle of light. Vibrant with energy, your space is transformed, filled with the purity of spirit. Stand and raise your arms above your head. Let your palms face each other and curve slightly toward the moon. Feel as though you’re

(Click here to continue….)

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