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Whimsical and Wise: The Victorian Fairy Tarot, Part Two

Victorian Fairy TarotThe Victorian Fairy Tarot
By Lunaea Weatherstone, with art by Gary Lippincott
Copyright 2013, ISBN 978-0-7387-3131-5
Llewellyn Publications

Yesterday, I posted my review of the Victorian Fairy Tarot, a new deck by Goddess Priestess and Tarot master, Lunaea Weatherstone, with art by Gary A. Lippincott.

I decided to use the deck for a reading in which it could tell us about itself.

Getting to Know the Deck – A Reading

Victorian Fairy Reading

1 – Tell me about yourself. What is your most important characteristic?

Knight of Winter

From the Fairy Companion book: “… If this card does not represent a particular person, it could be a situation in which you are acting before thinking things through. Swiftness can be a virtue, but it is foolish to rush in where angels (and intelligent fairies) fear to tread.”

My interpretation: This deck may seem gentle and pretty, but don’t be foolish with it. It is powerful, extremely smart, and can cut right to the bone on matters if you don’t pay attention and treat it with respect.  Very much like any kind of human contact with the Good Folk.

2 – What are your strengths as a deck?

XX – Awakening

From the Fairy Companion book: “…Judge yourself with compassion, remembering that you are meant to learn lessons and fail at some attempts. But look clearly at what you would like to change and to strive for. Do not shrink from those lessons or make excuses for aspects of yourself that fall short of your ideal. When you look at yourself with eyes fully open, your soul awakens to its full potential.”

My interpretation: This deck has the potential to be a tool for nothing less than soul enlightenment, profound epiphany, and opening to a new, highly evolved consciousness.

3 – What are your limits as a deck?

Ten of Autumn

From the Fairy Companion book: “The harvest is in, the fairy vats of wine and mead are safely stored away, and it is time to gather with loved ones for a feast. …

“There is a time for solitude and a time for reaching out to others for cozy company. If you have been spending too much time on your own, make a point of gathering with friends and extended family, even if it is just for a simple meal…come together and give thanks..

“In a nutshell: gratefulness, abundance, security, the blessings of family and friends.”

My interpretation: This is not a deck for solitary introspection, or investigating the lonely heights and depths of human experience. It is, by its very nature, a deck that revolves around collaboration and celebration with the fairy folk, who are our ever-present, non-human neighbors and cousins.  Its merriment and hearty companionship stand in contrast to intellectualism and the human illusion of isolation.

4 – What are you here to teach us?

Six of Autumn

From the Fairy Companion book: “Healing offered with compassion and care can work wonders…

“It is easy to fall into the habit of self-reliance that excludes the possibility of accepting care from others…If you are in need of healing, whether of body or soul, allow another to offer solace. Pass on the gift when the opportunity presents itself — which it always will.”

My interpretation: First let me say how much more I like this focus of the card that corresponds to the Six of Pentacles than the R-W-S merchant handing out alms to beggars on their knees.

There are many new insights like this in Lunaea’s interpretations, which re-vision some of the less appealing (to me) hierarchical and stereotypical messages of the older deck.

As to what this means in the context of our reading, I would say that this deck wants to teach us that our human-centric point of view is folly.

We are not the only sentient, intelligent creatures on the planet. Our relationship with the other beings, plants, and creatures, as well as the living planet herself, must be one of tender respect and alliance.

Our lesson is one of abundance given and paid forward. Every choice we make with the resources of Life has an effect upon all who dwell here, including the unseen realms; and they with us as well.

This lovely deck is reminder that we are here to learn cooperation, mutual support, and to give and receive the core resources of healing and nourishment with respect and compassion.

And what better gift could any Tarot deck ever offer us?

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  • October 16, 2013, 8:51 pm Stacy

    This was enjoyable to read. Thanks for sharing!

  • October 17, 2013, 3:01 am Elham

    OMG, what a simply gorgeous deck! I think I will buy it!