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Sunday Inspiration: A Heavy Curriculum

I saw this just the other day, from one of my most beloved teachers of my lifetime, Ram Dass.

It was precisely what I needed to hear at that moment.  In fact, in my morning pages, I’d finished that day’s entry with a question pity party, and several hours later that same day, this was the reply I “just happened” across. (I love the conversations Mystery has with me!)

I’ve heard this before, as I bet you have, too.  But we are all working with a very heavy curriculum. I am still having to learn and un-learn, and re-learn. What about you?
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If somebody is a problem for you, it’s not that they should change, it’s that you need to change.

If they’re a problem for themselves that’s their karma; if they’re causing you trouble that’s your problem on yourself.

So, in other words when Christ is crucified, he says “forgive them, they don’t know what they’re doing,” they’re not a problem for him, he’s trying to get them out of being a problem for themselves, because he’s clear.

Your job is to clear yourself.

In ideal situations you would clear yourself within the situation, but very often it’s too thick and you can’t do that.

Now, what you do then is you pull back and you do the stuff you do in the morning or at night before you go to work, you do the stuff on weekends, you do the stuff that quiets you down and then each time you go into the situation to where you have to work, you lose it again.

And then you go home and you see how you lost it, and you examine it, and then you go the next day and you lose it again, and you go home and you keep a little diary “how did I lose it today,” and you saw that, and then you go and you do it again, and after a while as you’re starting to lose it — you don’t buy in so much.

You start to watch the mechanics of what it is that makes you lose it all the time.

If I’m not appreciated, that’s your problem that you don’t appreciate me.

Unless I need your love, then it’s my problem.  So my needs are what are giving you the power over me.

Those people’s power over you to take you out of your equanimity and love and consciousness has to do with your own attachments and clingings of mind.

That’s your work on yourself, that’s where you need to meditate more, it’s where you need to reflect more, it’s where you need a deeper philosophical framework, it’s where you need to cultivate the witness more, it’s where you need to work on practicing opening your heart more in circumstances that aren’t optimum.

This is your work.

You were given a heavy curriculum, that’s it. There’s no blame, it’s not even wrong, it’s just what you’re given. You hear what I’m saying? It’s interesting. Can you all hear that one?

~ Ram Dass, Summer 1989

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  • August 18, 2013, 2:35 pm Madeline

    aaah..Dear Beth,always on target– I have had this kind of summer, as Ken prepares to sell his business and hopefully, retire. I have gotten entirely too attached to how and when he does this and ignored my own goals and desires.OF COURSE Ram Dass has guidance for us.. he is also a dear dear teacher of mine.I keep his book “Still Here” on my shelf within reach at all times! I sooo needed to read this post today.I’ve spent the weekend meditating on how to move to my OWN peace as Ken navigates this time for himself.. I am backing off trying to “solve” everything for everyone!!!!! (So much more energy left over now to solve MY stuff!! I lost my creative edge this summer.. did not make cards for any of my summer birthday friends..I will make up for it with Samhain and HAavest cards!!!!!

  • August 18, 2013, 2:44 pm Beth

    I hear you, Madeline! I also have to remember to practice patience and forgiveness every blessed step of the way. ♥ Thank you for sharing…