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Tarot Card of the Week, June 10-16, 2013: Four of Cups

Four of CupsLike any other gift, the gift of grace can be yours only if you’ll reach out and take it. Maybe being able to reach out and take it is a gift, too.
~ Frederick Buechner (b. 1926), theologian, poet, memoirist

In about two weeks, we in the Northern Hemisphere will cross the threshold of Spring into Summer. All of Nature is now abuzz with growth and activity. Yet this week, the Four of Cups suggests a pause.

The Tarot Cups have to do with our emotions, and deal with love, dreams, healing, and intuition. And the fours are grounding influences, ranging from strength and stability to stagnation.

The figure in the card is turned towards the three cups lined up before him. But does he really see them? What do they hold? Are they past times, or current circumstances? Perhaps they are various desires or loves, among which he feels he must choose.

Ace of CupsNotice the resemblance of the floating fourth cup to the Ace of Cups, which has often been compared to the Holy Grail, and which is the gift of Grace from God, representing Her unconditional love, which is freely given to us.

Perhaps the young man in the Four of Cups is simply lost in thought, or maybe even meditating in a partial lotus position.

That may be so, but I agree with many interpretations which conclude that this is not a peaceful or restorative kind of contemplation.

Notice his defensively crossed arms over his heart, and slight frown. Rather than cultivating serenity, it would instead appear that the figure sitting cross-legged is feeling flat, discouraged, or disenchanted. Or perhaps he is grieving.

This attitude may even be preventing him from seeing the gift being offered. We can only hope that his listless unhappiness will eventually become uncomfortable enough that he will turn away from staring at the cups before him, which clearly do not please him.

As you contemplate the opportunities (or memories) now influencing you, perhaps you, too, hesitate to select one, at the expense of the others. Or perhaps what you see before you is not satisfactory.

Could it be that you, too, need to pause a while this week? We all need restoration and some down time, as long as it doesn’t lead to depression or self-pity. Instead, perhaps you need to take some time out to open your awareness.

There is a strong possibility that Mystery is quietly offering you an alternative you cannot see as long as you keep focusing on what isn’t to your liking. This could be unexpected news, a heart connection, or simply an opportunity.

At those times when we have trouble finding the path forward, remember that, like the fourth cup being offered, your path is also seeking you.

Reach out and accept the unexpected gift that may be coming from directly from the source of Love.

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  • June 10, 2013, 3:03 pm Sarah

    I always learn a lot from the card of the week columns you write. Thanks.

  • June 10, 2013, 6:58 pm Beth

    You are so very welcome! Thanks for visiting and also for letting me know! ♥

  • June 19, 2013, 12:37 am jane

    I love the last sentence from your article!
    It is so true…