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Tarot Card of Solstice Week, June 17-23, 2013: Queen of Wands

Queen of WandsBut thy eternal summer shall not fade.
~ William Shakespeare, Sonnet XVIII

Here to herald in one of the most powerful times of the year – the Solstice and the Full Moon of Capricorn – is the brilliant, bold Queen of Wands.

While our friends in the lands below the Equator are celebrating Yule, in the Northern Hemisphere, this is the climax of the light, as Summer Solstice brings us the longest day and shortest night. Then only a few days later, we are illuminated with a brilliant Super Moon, which is a Full Moon at perigee syzygy.

So who, of the “people cards” of the Tarot, shines most brightly? Maybe the King of Wands, except frankly, he has always looked a bit dour to me, showing us only his left side. And yes, the Knight of Wands is pretty dazzling, but he can be fickle.Knight of WandsKing of Wands

No, my vote is for the Queen of Wands, facing us directly, gazing into the distance, her expression calm.

The MagicianShe reminds me a little of The Magician, as she is gripping in her right hand the wand of power, and in her left, with a delicate touch, the manifestation of living beauty — a blossoming sunflower.

Sitting in the middle, before her, is her familiar, a rather feral looking black cat.

The Queen of Wands represents an inspiring combination of the passionate, magical fire energy of the Wands suit with the maturity and collaborative power of the Queen. She is popular, charismatic, and adventurous.

She tackles problems in a candid, straightforward manner, and she is never afraid to take a risk if it is for something or someone she is passionate about. She is incapable of deceit, cynicism, or manipulation. With her attractive good looks, warm smile, and easygoing manner, she has many friends and admirers.

But she is not just empty charm. She sits her throne with her legs uncrossed, breaking the rules of  ladylike, deferential posture. She is most at home as a mover and shaker. Never one to wait for permission, she is willing to give her all to the tasks at hand.

Thus, she is a natural leader, inspiring and empowering people around her to shine as well. She can be demanding at times, but she works magic with people, helping them tap into their own reserves of enthusiasm and creativity.

She is almost always upbeat and cheerful, ready to look for the positive in any situation. Although she needs to beware of vanity, the Queen of Wands is never pretentious or petty.

Because she can be ambitious and results-driven, empathy is not her strong suit. Neither is patience, although she is much more aware of the importance of timing than the impetuous Knight.

However, even if she does sometimes bruise the more delicate sensitivities of some, she is usually forgiven, thanks to her sincerity and ability to get successful results.

In what ways might her qualities be important for you this week? Is she a person you know? Or perhaps you will discover her gifts of bountiful creativity and positive energy in yourself.

Be on the lookout for opportunities this week for friendship and fun, perhaps hosting parties, events, or important gatherings.

You may also find yourself stepping into a leadership position. The Queen reminds us that it is the wise and successful leader who empowers others and fosters an atmosphere of cooperation.

As we cross the threshold of Midsummer this week, and the long, heightening arc of the Sun’s path pauses before it begins its slow descent, the Queen of Wands beams with brilliance.

May we, too, shine with her gifts of eternal Summer.

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  • June 17, 2013, 6:30 pm mel

    my favorite among the court cards. maybe because I love cats, but also I agree with everything you described about her. especially “vanity, but not pretentious nor petty” and “never wait for permission” thanks so much for this insight!