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Blessings of the Gemini New Moon!

New Moon in GeminiDark of the Moon
New beginnings

Dark of the Moon
Plant a seed tonight
Dark of the Moon
What we envision
Will come to be
By the Full Moon’s light.

Happy New Moon! I don’t know about you, but I am always delighted (and often, quite frankly, relieved!) to have this monthly opportunity for a fresh start.

To inspire you today, I am offering a couple of views from two excellent astrologers. Enjoy and may your rites be blessed!  ~ Beth

Gemini New Moon: Join the Greater Conversation

By Simone Butler · June 5, 2013

When I inherited the family home two years ago, it came with the phone number my folks had acquired in 1951. It just felt wrong to dispose of a line that had represented my family for so long, even though keeping it means paying two phone bills each month.

So I’ve retained the land line despite the fact that telemarketers are my most frequent callers. Meanwhile, I’ve resisted the smart phone revolution, clinging to my dumb Neanderthal cell phone. Call me a Luddite, but there’s a certain sense of pride at refusing to fall under the spell of the latest techno-gadget.

But now we’re on the verge of a Gemini New Moon, with busy Mars and adventurous Jupiter also in that savvy, chatty sign. And I can no longer deny it: I’ve become an anachronism.

While everyone else is taking pictures, checking email and saving the world on their cell phone, I’m still struggling to send a text. So yesterday, while Mercury made good aspects in the heavens, I upgraded to a snazzy new Samsung Galaxy SIII with a pretty pink case.

We can blame the planets for my capitulation: The approaching New Moon features pushy Pluto and insistent Uranus making hard angles to quicksilver Mercury. The revolution calls.

Irish poet David Whyte would say I’m merely “joining the Greater Conversation.”

By this he means exchanging energy with other people and the environment, as well as reweaving the web of life in the places where it’s grown tattered.

Whether we do this by telling stories around a campfire, keeping in touch via the latest devices, raising money for good causes through Internet campaigns, recording our personal histories to share with our grandchildren or planting heirloom seeds in the backyard, it’s vital at this New Moon that we stay connected rather than retreat.

Yes, technology can isolate or overwhelm us–but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Are you feeling the need to share an important truth, ask for help with something or upgrade your technology?

Do it now, before Mercury slows down mid-month prior to its retrograde on June 26 (though I’d avoid buying new equipment this weekend when Mercury engages with erratic Uranus and Pluto.)

Gemini is the perfect energy under which to lighten our baggage and learn new things. Next up for me: taking a class on how to use my new-fangled phone. And after that, maybe I’ll even muster the courage to finally cut the cord and let that land line go.

Simone offers a delicious combination of feng shui and astrological insight, and you can view a video of suggested rituals, including how one man “spiffed up his Knowledge gua” for the Gemini New Moon by visiting here.

In addition, another of my favorite Moon authors and diviners, Rhea Wolf, offers these juicy insights…

New Moon in Gemini: Invoking Connections

by Rhea Wolf

Sabian Symbol: A large archaic volume reveals a traditional wisdom. The “seed-knowledge” from which the human mind grows and manifests as different cultures. (Dane Rudyhar, An Astrological Mandala)

New Moon Magic

Gemini is the sign of the twins, and is inquisitive, social, and flexible by nature. With Gemini, we seek to branch out and discover new ways of perceiving the world. At times, Gemini energy can be unfocused, distracting and move too quickly. It’s good to have a clear intention when working with this Mutable Sign.

Use the energy of this New Moon to call more curiosity into your life and to see the connections between different ideas, people, or places inside of you. Which area in your life could use a new point of view? Are you hungry for new stories or activities?

If you’re feeling bogged down by life, perhaps you need to invoke the God Mercury, ruler of Gemini. He can show you the way to move with a bit more agility and use some Gemini cunning to face a different direction…

Areas to consider for your New Moon Intentions:

  • Building skills and confidence in communication, such as writing or speaking
  • Branching out socially and engaging with new people
  • Cultivating healthy ways to deal with confusion and anxiety
  • Making time for stimulating activities, such as taking a class, learning a craft or joining a discussion group
  • Stepping out of tendencies to over-think emotions
  • Exploring media, journalism, and other information flows
  • Inviting more variety into your life
  • Releasing tendencies to assume another’s point of view
  • Replacing certainty with curiosity
  • Breaking habits and patterns of over-achievement
  • Healing for lungs and nervous system.
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