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Blessings of the Full Capricorn Moon, in Honor of Patricia Monaghan

Supermoon 2012There is no monotheism religion based on a Goddess. Not a single Goddess appears without friends, companions, lovers, children.  The presence of the Goddess demands the presences of other Goddesses, and Gods as well. This is comforting to me, for in my vision of a world redeemed, the world made whole, I yearn for connection, not separation. 
~ Patricia Monaghan (1946-2012)

At 7:32am this morning, Eastern time, Lady Moon reached Her lovely fullness. The Full Moon brings the monthly fruition of whatever seeds of intent we planted at the New Moon.  Full Moons are always in the sign opposite where the Sun is, so with the Sun now in the sign of Cancer, this Full Moon is in Capricorn.

And as you almost certainly know by now, this Strawberry Moon is also a Supermoon, which is a term created by astrologer Richard Nolle to describe when Full Moons occur at perigee, the closest point to Earth in the Moon’s orbit.

This makes it the largest appearing Full Moon of 2013. Unlike some rumors flying around the interwebs, these perigee Full Moons are not extremely rare, but happen in 14 month cycles. The photo above, from the NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day is from last year’s Supermoon, taken at the ancient Temple of Poseidon in Greece.

Instead of the usual astrological info, of which there is tons to be found from the many astrologers I often quote here,  I will point out that we have the Sun in emotional, heart-opening, nurturing Cancer, and the Capricorn Moon emphasizing practicality, steadfastness, and accountability.

So I am dedicating today’s Full Moon post to another kind of fruition:  the legacy of a beloved writer and priestess of the Goddess.

This was written to the friends and admirers of the late Patricia Monaghan, from her husband Michael McDermott.  What is remembered lives, and here is a loving, practical way to remember this very special woman.

Please share this with others, and please be generous.

With all our hearts, let us be about the realization of the World made whole.

~ Beth 

From Michael:

Patricia passed away seven months ago. She died in my arms on November 11, 2012.

Together Patricia and I had founded The Black Earth Institute, a progressive think tank and organization of artists and scholars dedicated to art serving the causes of spirituality, ecology, and social justice.

Board members and scholars associated with BEI are asking you to make a gift in Patricia’s memory to The Black Earth Institute Patricia felt that the work of BEI embodied the full flowering of her life’s work and values.

Founded in 2004, BEI promotes art and artists in the causes and interrelationships of inclusive spirituality, healing, protecting the earth and the struggle for social justice.

BEI brings together artists as fellows (we now are working with the third cohort) who serve a 3-year term and then become emeritus fellows. BEI also includes scholars who help set the intellectual tone for the annual retreat held at the Brigit Rest Center in Black Earth, Wisconsin.

BEI also publishes a quarterly literary journal, About Place (, maintains a blog, and a Facebook page.

Patricia wrote in many genres and was a Pushcart Prize winner. Her website gives a full picture of her work.

She opened doors to new and different worlds through her writing and then created structures to make these visions come alive through networks and organizations. Black Earth Institute is her vision and her legacy.

To honor Patricia’s memory and sustain her legacy, please make a tax-deductible gift to The Black Earth Institute, a recognized 501(c) (3) organization.

Please send your contributions to Black Earth institute, PO Box 424, Black Earth, Wisconsin, 53515. Or you can visit the website and make a secure online gift with PayPal – just click on Support BEI.

Your gift will support a singular arts organization and recognize the abundant legacy of the remarkable and greatly missed Patricia Monaghan.

Peace, Love and Hope,
~ Michael McDermott