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World Tarot Day – BOGO!

World Tarot Day LogoThe Light you seek
Can be found in your own Lantern.
~ Tarot Grandmaster Den Elder, founder of World Tarot Day


You knew I just couldn’t let May 25, World Tarot Day, slip by without offering something special. After all, I’ve been celebrating it since the 2nd year after Tarot Grandmaster, Den Elder launched it!

So I am delighted to offer a BOGO (Buy One, Get One free) Birthday Club membership to the first FIVE people who sign up by Monday morning, at 6am, Eastern time.

Purchase one membership, and get a free one for a friend!  Easy-peasy and both of you will love it!

  • For instance, Theresa Reed (The Tarot Lady) raves, “I love, love, love the Birthday Club – you pack so much love into it!  It’s like winning a nice little prize every month!”
  • Pamela Steele, creator of the acclaimed Steele Wizard Tarot urges, “If you haven’t joined Beth Owl’s Daughter’s Birthday Club, it’s one of the Best Ever Birthday Presents you can give yourself!

“There is a detailed write up of my Year Card with lots of positive energy. ALSO there’s a monthly write up Just for Me with wonderful ideas, thoughts, inspirational verses, and insightful suggestions for the whole year.   I am Most Pleased! Thank you, Beth!”

  • C.W. in North Carolina confides, “Thank you so much for the Birthday Club packets. I just love every bit of it, and it is so spot on about all the big and little changes coming about in my life now…”
  • “I have enjoyed my Birthday Club membership so much that I am buying one for my husband!” ~ K.C. in Idaho

Yes, I could go on, because I have the most beautiful collection of Birthday Club love letters!

But check it out for yourself!

It’s a whole year of insight, fun, and affirmation. Aren’t you ready to love your birthday again?  And wouldn’t you love to also give that certain someone a monthly boost, as a gentle reminder of your affection and support?

You can do both, in this special World Tarot Day offer!

You’ll both get your Soul Card kit right away.  Then when your birthday comes around, you’ll start getting monthly activities, meditations, and insights to help you make this your best year EVER (so far!).

Pop over here and read all the details: what you get, how it works, and then sign up!

Don’t wait. Only five people will get to take advantage of this! I hope one of them is YOU!