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Tarot Card of the Week, April 22-28, 2013: Six of Wands

Six of WandsAction is the foundational key to all success.
~ Pablo Picasso

In this week that brings us an eclipse of the Full Scorpio Moon, we are visited by the same card that most recently appeared during the last Lunar eclipse. We welcome the Six of Wands.

In it, we see the hero of the battle riding among his people, unarmed but carrying a stave that holds the laurel wreath of victory. He is also crowned in the laurel.

Both of these may remind us of the great wreath of triumph and completion that encircles The World card.

But as Arthur Waite notes of this card, this hero has probably not yet won his final victory. He writes that on the surface, we may see this as a “victor triumphing.” But it can also portend important news, carried in by “the King’s courier.”

Ruled by Jupiter, the sixes in the Tarot are expansive and benevolent. They are about the benefits of cooperation and sharing with others. With Wands being the Life force, this is surely the triumph of creative endeavor, or perhaps indicates the successful resolution of the conflicted Five.

In the aftermath of last week’s terrible events in Boston (where the watchword, indeed, was “vigilance”), we now give honor to the courageous heroes that helped the wounded, that faced extreme danger, and that courageously concluded the deadly manhunt.

These are the people who step up, even knowing that by doing so, they may become the target.  They serve by walking their talk.

Sadly, just like the unhappy man at the very back of the parade, in the aftermath of any successful achievement, there are inevitably those who will criticize and second-guess.  As all leaders discover, risks must be taken, and losses may result. And there will always be blaming from those on the sidelines.

Still, the majority will realize that this not the time for finger-pointing. Instead, it is important to give recognition and thanks for the resolution of this one battle, even though there may be more to come.

This week, what struggle of your own has now been resolved, at least for the time being?  What momentous news may arrive that signals a victory?

How have you been asked to step into a starring role? As this card reminds us, no one leads alone; success depends on cooperation and participation.

Tap into your creative spark of inspiration. Upon the steed of your desire, ride forward with confidence.

Whether there are more battles still ahead, or the struggle is over at last, celebrate each triumph with grace and gratitude for those who have helped you.

Savor the sweetness of your victories, for you have surely earned them.

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