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Women’s Walk to Heal the Waters

A group of women is walking the entire length of the Mississippi River, in order to bless and heal the waters.

River walk of Healing

The Mississippi River Water Walk began on March 1 at Lake Itasca, which is the river’s source, located in north-central Minnesota.

The lake was frozen, but Sharon Day filled a copper bucket with the chilled water that bubbles over the rocks as the water leaves the lake—the headwaters of the mighty Mississippi River.

Around her, people gathered for blessing ceremonies, and then Day, her sister Dorene Day, and their supporters began the 1,200-mile, two-month-long journey along the length of the Mississippi River. Their mission: to call attention to water quality issues for all of Mother Earth’s waters.

“We’ll follow the Mississippi as closely as we can, and we’ll be walking,” said Sharon Day, who is executive director of the Indigenous Peoples Task Force in Minneapolis.  Sharon plans to travel the complete route, while others may join her periodically. In Iowa, one woman plans to ride alongside on horseback, Day said.

“The whole idea is to raise awareness, aside from the spiritual purpose,” she said.

Learn more by going here. And you can follow their progress on Facebook by going here.

In support, I share with you this beautiful video of water blessings.

Every step is a prayer.  Every drop is a gift.
Giving great thanks, blessed be.

My thanks to my friend Karen Poremski for directing me to this story.

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