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Tarot Card of the Week, March 18-24, 2013: King of Pentacles

Not what we have, but what we enjoy, constitutes our abundance.
~ Epicurus

We have another strong personality this week, as, like last week, a court card comes calling. For only the second time in these eight years of pulling my weekly cards, to help us celebrate the Equinox holiday of Ostara, let us welcome the King of Pentacles.

Crowned in flowers, he sits in a walled garden overflowing with blossoms and vines. His ornately carved throne features bulls’ heads – a nod to his connection to Earthy Taurus. We see a glimpse of his armor, suggesting his military prowess, as his left foot rests on another carving of a bull’s head.

But he is primarily garbed in a robe that features clusters of ripe grapes, symbol of the sweetness and intoxication of Life. The vines on his gown are entangled with the actual vines in the landscape, grounding him in their lush, earthy energies.

As he gazes thoughtfully at his Pentacle, he seems calm and relaxed, at least compared to the other Kings who range from the somewhat melancholy King of Cups to the rather stern Kings of Wands and Swords.

I think it is significant that his only other appearance was last year, during the first of the seven profoundly transformative Urnaus/Pluto squares that we will be undergoing, concluding in March, 2015.  While this week those tensions are not exact, they are very close and getting closer, with the next exact square coming May 21.

Astrologer Lynn Hayes notes, “The chart for the solstices and equinoxes are often used to forecast events for the season, and this looks like it will be a fiery spring. The Sun, newly in Aries, conjoins Mars (ruler of Aries) in Aries.

“With Aries as the most fiery of the fire signs,” Lynn explains, “you can see how intense the fire energy will be. To intensify things even more, Mars in the equinox chart conjoins Uranus in Aries which almost ensures an acceleration of the revolutionary (Uranus) intensity that we are already seeing from the upcoming alignment between Uranus and Pluto. And to top things off, the Moon in the equinox chart is in highly sensitive Cancer, opposing Pluto and locked in a square to the Aries planets.”

Partial translation: Get ready, because after the Winter’s relative quiet, this Spring the drama ramps up.  In particular, the showdown between the planet of revolution (Uranus) and the planet of destruction (Pluto) is gearing up again. This is amplified by Pluto also preparing to go retrograde in April, grinding ever more finely through the sign of Capricorn.

Bottom line: we can expect profound changes in our most fundamental institutions at levels that will likely leave us all more shaken than stirred.

For instance, as I write this, the banks of Cyprus have closed in an emergency move to stop the panicked bank runs that began this past weekend. The European markets are extremely jittery about a spreading financial disaster if Cyprus defaults, or if its people revolt.

Thus, in the face of profound challenges to our wealth, our security, and our physical well-being, the King of Pentacles is a helpful reminder of what it takes for someone to build a life of true stability and abundance.

The King, being a court card, is often an actual person. He (or she) has great mastery regarding matters to do with money, work, health, home, and other concerns about our material, physical sustenance.

This is someone, male or female, who may have tremendous abundance at their fingertips. They may be an important business person, a leader in finances, or successful entrepreneur. They could be a money guru, or they may be a very skillful trades person.

Often, King of Pentacles women and men are drawn to real-world interests like collecting treasures, farming and gardening, animal care, cooking, real estate, architecture, or championing environmental issues.

Wealth comes easily and naturally to them, although they may or may not necessarily accumulate lots of it. Instead, they recognize it is an energetic flow that grows when it’s kept moving.

They embody the wisdom that authentic abundance is not measured by accumulation. The King of Pentacles values what brings pleasure or is a sound investment for the future.  Thus, an appreciation of the finer things – food, wine, home, and art – is this King’s hallmark.

He builds abundance with a conservative approach, focused on sustainability. Never greedy or impatient, the King knows that long-term wealth can only come with a slow and steady hand. With it comes both responsibility and a sense of stewardship.

Who in your life is playing an important part regarding the use and distribution of your resources? Whose wise advice do you seek, when it comes to spending, or investing?

With Spring comes the urge to recycle and release the possessions that no longer bring us soulful satisfaction.  The King would approve wholeheartedly, as he directs us to consume less, and savor more.

It is no accident that his scepter is the same as that of The Empress.  Shed what does not delight you. Gather to you only what is beautiful, what pampers you, what brings sensual pleasure, or what will yield fruit in the long term.

When was the last time you sat down and took an honest look at your budget, and thought about the big picture? How do you protect and enhance all that you value, including your health, your home, your job, and your money?

The King of Pentacles suggests that with all the potential ahead for enormous, revolutionary change, especially in the structures that define wealth, government, and the environment, it is time for each of us to step up and take the initiative.

We are in charge of our own little kingdoms, and only when we collaborate with the wisdom of the Earth Herself, can we thrive.

The time has come to redefine what wealth really is, what value we put to the things that are life-sustaining, and to build new, healthy, holistic ways of creating and sharing our treasures.

Abundance is not a quantity. It is a quality, a “plentiful sufficiency,” as one of my great-uncles used to say.  Life’s riches are only sweet when we know that, in harmony with the ways of the Good Green Earth Herself, we have earned them.

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  • March 19, 2013, 2:43 am Athene Noctua

    Oh Beth-this is spot on for me. I am in process of clearing both mine and the kids stuff out. We are overwhelmed with stuff. Clothes are being sorted to pass down to friends kids. Am thinking about listing some items on ebay or consignment for some extra money, and books are being donated.

    Have been spending more than I should and took a good hard look at my budget. I will need to tighten the belt in some areas, but in a good way. Less packaged dinners and breakfast from Costco, and more cooking at home with items from the bulk food bin. Which is healthier in the long run. Have been able to save small amounts steadily, and even with low interest rates, it’s starting to add up.

    Am also house hunting, but it seems like every time I find a house that meets my family’s needs, I am a day late and a dollar short. Keep telling the Universe what I need and what I can afford, and wait for it to come to me. Just feeling anxious, because the new people in our complex our party animals, with drunk brawls on the weekend, so feeling even more pressure to find a house and move.

    As a public employee, it seems like our Government, Private Industries, and even the public are at war with us. Trying to cut our funding, even though we are used daily and people love our services. It leads to stress from equipment breaking due to lack of funds to fix them, and job insecurity.

    I hope the spring changes will bring the realization that there is no need for sequester or drastic cuts to social services, even Boehner admitted our budget wasn’t bad, but they are holding everyone hostage for their unnecessary cuts to social services. Hope people will wake up and realize the ones who got us into this mess need to be held accountable and sent to jail. No one is to big to fail or go to jail. It worked in Iceland. We can do it here.

    Still grateful, as I have a job, a home, food, and money for my kids clothes and their piano lessons.

    On a happier note, we were given a house rabbit, who provides with endless hours of an entertainment, and the challenge of keeping him from chewing through every cord in the house.

    Will do my best to work with this new energy and make room for the new, hopefully better changes to come.

  • March 19, 2013, 9:12 am Beth

    Oh, dearest Athene! Thanks for writing! I agree with you about this ominous government-driven cannibalism towards each other.

    Such is the painful crumbling of the Piscean Age and the Great Unraveling.

    Meantime, I send you blessings on the freshening Spring breezes: right livelihood appreciated by those who matter; easy sailing into your just-right new home, where you will be surrounded by love, beauty, and the fertile plenitude that will nurture your soul. ♥

  • March 19, 2013, 9:22 am Beth

    By the way, everyone, as a followup, here is a wonderful King of Pentacles for you: click here.