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Do You Believe the Earth Is Alive and Sacred?

CHS event

April 12-13, 2013
in Columbia, SC

In today’s post-modern, urbanized world, where everything is a commodity, how and where do Pagans find their sacred places?  How should we protect and maintain these sites?  In colonized worlds, how do we avoid the appropriation of these lands?

If Goddess is immanent in nature, what makes some places more sacred than others?  How is our spirituality shaped by the land and our relationship with the land shaped by our spirituality?

The Sacred Lands and Spiritual Landscapes Symposium brings together three noted scholars for a day and a half of presentations, paper panels, and discussion.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to meet Dr. Ronald Hutton here in the U.S. and to personally engage scholars Hutton, Leader, and Griffin during the symposium as well as at social events like drumming, a tour of the historic old USC campus, and dinners with colleagues.

Featured Presenters:

Ronald Hutton, Ph.D., University of Bristol

Dr. Ronald Hutton is Professor of History in the University of Bristol, a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society, a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries, a Fellow of the Learned Society of Wales, and formerly a Fellow of Magdalen College, Oxford.

Hutton is a historian on the commission which runs English Heritage, and has published fourteen books on aspects of political, social, cultural and religious history, including a monograph on the English Civil War, a narrative history of the Stuart Restoration, a biography of Charles II, a survey of what is thought about the pagan religions of the ancient British Isles, two large-scale studies of the history of the ritual year in Britain, an analysis of Siberian shamanism, the first history of modern paganism in Britain, and a survey of the treatment of Druids in British culture over the centuries.

Hutton is perhaps best-known in wider Pagan studies circles as the author of the much-acclaimed Triumph of the Moon.

Dr. Wendy Griffin is Academic Dean of Cherry Hill Seminary and Professor Emerita from California State University, Long Beach, where she taught for 26 years and served the last five as Chair of the Department of Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies.

Griffin is one of the very first American academics to publish field work in Pagan Studies, was the founding co-chair of the Pagan Studies Group for the American Academy of Religion, and the co-editor of the first academic series in Pagan studies, published by AltaMira Press.

She has published numerous articles and book chapters and is the editor of the anthology “Daughters of the Goddess: Studies of Healing, Identity and Empowerment.” Griffin received her Ph.D. in the interdisciplinary social sciences from the University of California at Irvine. Griffin is a member of the Editorial Board of Pomegranate: The International Journal of Pagan Studies. When not limning the halls of academia, Griffin is a songwriter, musician, and published novelist.

Dr. Jonathan Leader received his Ph.D. from the University of Florida in Gainesville, and currently heads the S.C. Office of the State Archaeologist.

His research interests and background include the ancient Near East, Micronesia, Eastern United States pre- and proto-history, submerged resources, cultural resource management, remote sensing and GIS, archaeometry, archaeometallurgy, and conservation. He teaches and lectures on a regular basis in four departments at the University of South Carolina.

Current research projects include: the H.L. Hunley (Confederate submarine) project; the S.C. Cannons Project; Bahamas project; the Florence stockade; and the SCIAA Digitized Publications project.


If you believe in the immanent Divine, or you practice any form of Earth-centered spirituality; if you live by the Reclaiming tradition’s Principles of Unity, or if you see the Earth as Gaia – a living, sacred, interconnected Being, this is for you!  You will not want to miss this unprecedented meeting of minds and spirits.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to connect with some of the world’s leading scholars and passionate advocates for understanding and protecting the sacred spaces we hold dear.  Attendance is ridiculously affordable, too.

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