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Give Yourself a Break – It’s Mercury Retrograde

For fast-acting relief, try slowing down.
~ Lily Tomlin

Today is the beginning of Mercury retrograde!  Mercury retrograde is when the planet Mercury appears to go backwards in its usual orbit (from Earth’s perspective).  For ages, astrologers have remarked that this reverse motion often manifests as a rewind or review of paths we’ve previously taken.

This topsy-turvy time occurs three times or so every year. When it does, communications, commerce, travel, and technology (to name a few of the things ruled by the planet Mercury) may become dramatically snarled or delayed.

Thus, Mercury retrograde can create its infamous problems when we refuse to slow down and take extra time in all our busy-ness. And this one is likely to be a doozy, since so much Pisces and Neptunian influence is compounding the spacey vibes.

So you might as well enjoy this as a gift in disguise.

Merc retro invites us to shift gears from the stress and the fast-forward life we usually lead.

Let the phones quiet down and the email demands diminish. Chill on the big purchases, signing important contracts, and making tight schedule plans with no wiggle room. You are just asking for trouble.

Instead, if your mind goes ‘elsewhere,’ let it. You just might find yourself lost in a much-needed daydream. This can be a very good thing! In fact, we forget, but it is vital that we take time to ‘unplug’ and rest.  I am sure planning to!

Mercury stays retrograde until March 17, so ease up for a bit, and accept that backtracking, review, and postponing major commitments are the Universe’s way of giving us a much-needed break.

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