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Blessings of the Dark Moon in Capricorn

Dark Capricorn MoonDark of the Moon
New beginnings
Dark of the Moon
Plant a seed tonight
Dark of the Moon
What we envision
Will come to be
By the Full Moon’s light.

New Moons are all about the opportunity for planting the seeds of energy and intention.  New beginnings. Hope and vision.

Just one day after our last New Moon, though, a monstrous story emerged in the news — that a young man, only barely out of his teens, had murdered his mother, then went storming through an elementary school, gunning down twenty little first-graders, and six of their teachers and staff.

Uncharacteristically, and unlike many of my friends, I have been mostly silent about it.  Other than my own private bouts of weeping, I have been reluctant to express my grief, rage, and near despair over this abomination that has stained us all.

And which continues to disgrace us every day, as the media spotlights (and thereby glorifies) the push-back of gun-toting lunatics who insist that being armed to the teeth is not only justified, but necessary. Talk about a self-fulfilling prophecy.

I never quite got to my Halcyon Days this year.  I found myself obliged to shoulder some unexpected responsibilities and also needing to catch up on a lot of unfinished bits that I’d left lying around my life.  This year, duty preempted my hoped-for days of reading, dreaming by the fire, sketching and watercoloring, or even envisioning the coming year.

My difficulty connecting to Yuletide peace was, of course, compounded by being haunted by those lives cut short; more names on a long list that still grows every day.

But today, supported by our Wheel of Fortune card this week, I begin again.

This is the first Moon of the New Year. My brilliant astrologer friend Dan Furst notes,

“The first Dark Moon of 2013 is here. For those who are new to this special term and its place in the lunar cycle, the Dark Moon is right in the middle of the two days when the Moon is not visible, at the moment when Moon and Sun are in the same position in the zodiac wheel.

“This is the time when our psychic receptivity is greatest, and our power to form personal and collective intentions, and to drive them with powerful currents of emotion, is at its peak, so that we can build the maximum potential for intentions that we will launch and release two days later when the first thin crescent cup of the New Moon appears…

“Naturally, this Dark Moon gets special attention because it’s the first one to follow Dec. 21, 2012, and thus to follow the turning point of the sacred drama that we’ve played from the summer of 2010, and will keep playing until the spring of 2015.

“Since very ancient times, this Moon in the pitch blackness of early Winter has been linked with the Hindu rites of Makar Sankranti and has been sacred to Hekate and other protective and punitive emanations of the Goddess, for this moment in the cold and silence of the Dead Moon has always seemed, above all in northern countries, a time of retribution and payback for the mistakes of the past year.

“And thus also a time to commit to doing better. This is, after all, the Dark Moon of Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, the severe, black-robed teacher who acts as the reminder, and when necessary the enforcer, of sacred contracts…”

Although I admit I never quite connected to the Yuletide holiday season, I have had a powerful recognition of rebirth. It is palpable to me that we have begun, not only a new year, but a new epoch; an uncharted time of momentous destiny. 

We must do better. But how?  How do we begin to staunch the wounds and heal the poisons as we ride out the Great Unraveling?

One of my she-roes, Jen Louden, writes:

“Martin Luther King did not preach ‘I have a problem.’ He preached, ‘I have a dream.’ He did face a huge, seemingly intractable, problem and he kept our eyes on the vision. The story changed.

“I will be doing this in my own small way. By owning my great-great grandparents story that change is possible. By gently detaching from the narrative of impossible struggle. By focusing on making a kinder, safer world for all. By being curious about who is framing my thoughts and outlook. By keeping the faith as best I can.

“How will you do it? Do you believe this is even possible?”

On this Dark Moon of pragmatic, Plutonic Capricorn, with our seed visions, our hopes, and our sacred intentions, we can create new, more wholesome, more compassionate ways of wielding and claiming our power.

Let us listen to Saturn’s reminders of our sacred contracts to the Divine, and to each other.  Let us commit to doing much, much better.

I have a dream, don’t you?

May our rites and our seeds be blessed.

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  • January 12, 2013, 6:19 pm Beth

    I want to thank the folks who have declined to post here, but shared with me their very personal, deeply wise responses via email.

    I am humbled and relieved to know I am not alone in, not just the difficulty I’ve had with recent events, but also the strangeness of my inability to even understand or discuss my own feelings.

    So unlike me.

    With this New Moon, I can only wait, surrender, trust, and hold the intention that this deep, painful, but hopeful shift is in alignment with a great healing and goodness.

    Thank you, beautiful souls, who share this journey of heart-breaking and opening..