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Joy to the Earth: Our Global Prayer for Advent

Advent Wreath - 4th WeekThe Earth is steadfast and holds all that I need in Her open hand.
I am glad to wait in the silent breath of the Earth.
She is courage and love
She, comfort and support.
The Earth is joy and my source of strength.
Psalm 27, Earth Psalms by Angela Magara

Today is the fourth and final Sun Day before Winter Solstice, and it is the third Sunday of Christian advent.

If you are joining our global prayer circle for the first time, or need to refresh your memory as to the general steps of this Sun Wheel celebration, please visit here.

For the countdown to Christmas only, this is the third candle and it represents (in most churches) Joy. Many Christian advent wreaths feature this Sunday’s candle as a special rose pink one, or else a royal blue. This represents a shift from the purple of penitence to the lighter color of anticipation and joy for the Divine Birth.

If you are celebrating the Elements and Directions in your Solstice Sunwheel, then tonight we light the candle for the North, for the Earth.

I love that in combination together, we can celebrate Joy to the World.  I wish you the Joy of the Earth.

For we are creatures of the Holy Mother Earth, and our bodies and our spirits remember this. We feel what our Mother Earth feels, and when our chattering minds and noisy toys are silent, we can hear Her singing in the rush of our blood.

Who can help but celebrate the sumptuous taste of Her fruit and the scent of Her sweet fertile body?

Now, as we make the final descent into the darkest moments of the year, every cell of our physical being and our souls’ ancient awareness knows and remembers that the Wheel is turning, and we wait.

We are on the cusp of the Ages, and the moment of the great rebirth is nearly upon us.

So we light the candles of the past weeks: Air, Fire, and Water. One at a time, we call in their power, their blessings, and align ourselves with the gifts of awakening and change they offer.

Then, tonight, let us illuminate for the first time our fourth candle together. Tonight, we honor bone and stone, seed and flower. From darkest caves to the highest mountaintops, we give thanks for the blessed Earth. We invoke Her power, Her strength, Her great cycles.

Silent Guardian of the North, we stand now on the final threshold of your sacred time of Winter. Keeper of the deep places in the Earth, the roots that are beyond knowing, You are also the North Star that guides our way home.

And in harmony with the third candle of our Christian friends, let us also call in the unfolding rose of joy.

In the face of terrible, terrible sorrows around the world, heaven knows we need it.

Let us all join together tonight in our global circle, my dear ones.  Let our prayers and magic empower us to embody the change we want to see.

Let us call forth the very joy of the Earth. May She come now — in Her laughter and splendor, reminding us that we are all Her beloved, precious children.

Join us tonight, heart to heart, across the Earth, lighting the candles on our wreaths. Together, across time and geography, may the Earth sing to us of Her Divine promise.

Rejoice, for the birth is at hand.

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  • December 16, 2012, 2:27 pm libramoon

    shared on Seers and Seekers

  • December 17, 2012, 9:01 am Beth

    Thank you so much, Libramoon, and to all who are sharing this. We are many, but many more are needed. Love to you all.