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Blessings of the New Sagittarius Moon!

New Moon in Sagittarius

Dark of the Moon
New beginnings
Dark of the Moon
Plant a seed tonight
Dark of the Moon
What we envision
Will come to be
By the Full Moon’s light.

Wishing blessings to one and all on this New Moon that will signals the beginning of the Halcyon Days, and guides us into the Great Changing of Dec. 21, 2012, whatever it may bring.  Intention is everything — by focusing our own, and joining together, we make each day a day of Power. May this one be blessed.

Here is an astrological perspective from the incomparable Rhea Wolf.  Additional insight is offered by the brilliant Elisabeth Grace.

Sagittarius: Invoking Faith

December 13, 3:45 AM (EST), 21-22 degrees Sagittarius

Sagittarius is a fire sign symbolized by the Archer and the Centaur. It is ruled by the planet Jupiter. Associated with the Wheel of Fortune, we call on this Moon to help us find the center of things – the hub of the wheel – so that we take the highs and lows of life in stride.

Sagittarius is looking for the meaning behind human enterprises so that we can build worlds capable of holding our greater truth. This meaning can be held by philosophy, intellectual exploration, cultural expression, or spiritual faith. Sagittarius seeks to expand our horizons even as we come to know the center of things more intimately.

When the Moon is in Sagittarius, we feel more optimistic. We seek to connect with others and rekindle the fires of faith.

With the New Moon in Sagittarius on December 13th, we may feel drawn to the quieter side of Sagittarius, symbolized by the guru, teacher and wise sage, who withdraws from the material world in order to gain insight into the “higher realms.”

Sagittarius definitely loves to celebrate, but look for ways to inhabit your authentic self with this New Moon while tending to any holiday obligations. Take time to reflect on what’s truly important to you. Find the center in the great turning wheel of your life.

Use the power of this New Moon on December 13th to call in what you need to renew your faith, to rediscover abundance, and to link up with your Higher Self who holds your deeper spiritual purpose for you.

To tap into the energy of this New Moon, create a ritual of writing out intentions and burning them with herbs as offerings. You may want to write out your intentions and hang them on a wall to remind yourself of them throughout the next lunar cycle. Focus on intentions and desires in the following areas ruled by Sagittarius:

  • Connecting to your intuition and your “Higher Self”
  • Calling in the spirit of adventure
  • Releasing cynicism and pessimistic tendencies
  • Furthering your education or embarking on a new path of study
  • Eliminating waste or excess (e.g. eating, drinking, spending)
  • Beginning a new spiritual or philosophical practice, such as meditation or divination
  • Calling in the energy of abundance
  • Resolving legal matters
  • Foreign travel or languages
  • Healing for hips, thighs and liver
  • Taking chances that are right for your life

Sabian Symbol for 21-22 Sagittarius: A Chinese Laundry. This symbol is an historical reference to Chinese immigrants striving to find ways to make a livelihood in a foreign, often intolerant, land. Apply with a mind to an awareness of a foreign perspective; of misunderstandings about others that are passed along…receiving what is dirty (laundry) and giving back what has been cleaned. (Blain Bovee, The Sabian Symbols & Astrological Analysis)

Elisabeth also has an insightful perspective about this mysterious Sabian Symbol.

May your rites be blessed!

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