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Thirty Days of Thanksgiving: My Belated Day 3

Still catching up on my 30 Days of Thanksgiving practice for the month of November, here is Day Three, which would have been yesterday.

And what was I most grateful for yesterday?

I was grateful that our sweet baby, Sierra, was home after almost a week at the vet’s.

Sierra is a rescue kitty (bonus gratitude to Independent Animal Rescue!) that came to us when she was 6 months old. She had suffered unspeakable, abusive conditions as a kitten, but has always been one of the most easy-going, sweet cats I have ever known.  She is almost certainly (mostly) a Ragamuffin cat, with their characteristic coloration, incredibly soft fur, gentle temperament, and friendly nature (she follows us around the house).

But she is 14 and has always had somewhat delicate health.  Last weekend, she took a downward turn, and after a very long, expensive week of tests and treatments, we are hoping for the best, since the alternatives are quite serious.

She is still somewhat medicated, and not fully herself.  And we are being careful not to say anything that would embarrass her about her shaved tummy.

But oh, blessed Bastet and all the other Goddesses of cats, I am thankful through and through that she is home.  We can cuddle together (she likes the same TV shows we do!), and it is a blessing to hear her world-class purr a whole room away.

Thank you, little sweet Sierra, for being our heart chakra Bodhisattva.

Welcome home. May it be for many long, happy, healthy years.

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