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Thirty Days of Thanksgiving: Finally Caught Up – Day Four

Thanks for reading through all my prior posts as I catch up on this gratitude practice I’ve been meaning to participate in for a long time. This is certainly the year to make time and spaciousness for giving thanks, don’t you think?

So now, on Day Four, what am I most thankful for?

I would have to say that I am grateful for that loose, unstructured, ever-flowing and changing bunch of rugged individualists who envision that there can be community around the practice of Tarot.

Basically, Tarot is a solo act; it really doesn’t require contact with other practitioners – it’s just you and your cards, right?

But over the years, as Tarot has become increasingly mainstream (there’s still a long way to go, though), there are more and more of us who are finding each other, and this is a huge gift!

For the first 25 or so of my years as a reader, I never knew one single other Tarot person in my daily life. I never knew of any classes, or stores that had readers, or anyone that even read the cards, except one lucky encounter I had long ago with a street reader in New Orleans.

The names on the few books I could find – the late Eden Gray, or Mary Greer, or Rachel Pollak – were as exotic and unreachable, in my view, as running into a macaw from the Amazon rainforest.  It was a bit lonely, let me tell you.

But gradually, this has changed. And not only are the authors I have admired for decades accessible and generous with their time, there are hundreds of us who are consciously working to build a strong network of community.

Starting (I believe) with the International Tarot Society of the late 1990s, then the American Tarot Association, the birth of events like The Readers Studio, and then the explosion of Meetups, and other national, international, and online groups, Tarot folks are thriving and supporting each other as we explore, share, and deepen our understanding of this marvelous wisdom tool.

Just this week, the Tarot community took another giant leap forward, thanks to the work of my friends and colleagues, Laura Brown and Pamela Steele.  They have worked night and day to create Tarot Aid, a fundraiser for the American Red Cross emergency relief for victims of Superstorm Sandy.

If you didn’t see my post on Friday, let me remind you how you can join the fun, before it ends.

Visit our donation site at sometime before midnight TONIGHT.  Decide which category you can donate in: either at Level A – $25 per donation; or Level B – $45 per donation. (Or various combinations of both – no limit!).  And then make your payment!

Over 100 Tarot people have graciously offered their services and products as premiums!

Now that is what I call a community .. and one that cares!

And because of this huge outpouring, every single donation will receive a gift!  This includes original prints and art; signed books; rare, valuable, and in some cases autographed decks; readings and personal consultations; free enrollment in Tarot classes. The list goes on and on.

Oh, did I mention that this all ends at midnight, tonight – Sunday?  The drawings will be held tomorrow – Monday, Nov. 5.  You will win!

Click here to donate.

PLEASE share and spread the word! 

So, for Day Four, I give a HUGE thank you to Lady Universe for the gift of there being any such thing as a Tarot Community! And well She knows, I am deeply glad to be a part of it.

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