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Thirty Days of Thanksgiving: Blessings of the New Scorpio Moon and Total Eclipse

Today, I am grateful for the new beginnings inherent in New Moons. Especially today, since it’s doubly powerful, with this New Moon in Scorpio, plus the first Solar Eclipse in the sign of Scorpio since 1995. So I am offering two outstanding astrological views. First, from Lance Ferguson at Skywatch Astrology:

Tuesday, November 13
Bad Moon rising

A New Moon in Scorpio and a Solar Eclipse becomes exact in the heavens at 4:08 PM (Central) Tuesday afternoon.

It’s wise to plant seeds and initiate new plans on New Moons as the Sun and Moon stand together in one part of the heavens united in their mission.

A Solar Eclipse adds power to the events that do occur today and over the next two weeks.

But caution lights are on as Retrograde Mercury squares idealistic and deceitful Neptune at about the same hour, exact at 6:02 PM. This square suggests a tendency towards fuzzy thinking, inaccurate assumptions and communication problems in matters that begin today and the days just ahead.

Also a new visitor adds more stress to the Skywatch this week as Saturn lines up in an inconjunct to Uranus. Instability and resistance to change are the ideas stirred up by this pair.

Hold off on major decisions and purchases now. Best if you can wait until after Mercury turns direct on Nov 26.

Then my magical friend and astrologer Rhea Wolf offers this:

Scorpio: Invoking the Dark
November 13, 2:08 PM (PDT)/5:08 PM (EDT), 21-22 degrees Scorpio

This New Moon is also a Solar Eclipse event. It is a super-powerful time to create some intentions. As you reflect on the issues and themes highlighted below, let your intuition guide you to see how you can create longer term intentions that serve your greater life purpose.

You can look at your Natal Chart to find which house holds the sign of Scorpio. The meanings associated with the house that the eclipse is happening in can provide even more clarity in crafting your Solar Eclipse-New Moon intentions. Click here for more eclipse guidelines. 

Scorpio is the sign of the Scorpion and the Eagle, and is co-ruled by the planets Mars and Pluto. With Scorpio we can soar to heights of power and perspective, and we can dive deep below the surface to understand the darkness. When the Moon is in Scorpio emotions are definitely intense, arising from unconscious desires.

Use the power of this New Moon on November 13th to call in what you need to feel emotional security and self-mastery. Support may come from a spiritual path, a therapist’s couch, or an understanding friend. Scorpio wants us to uncover our own darkness. In so doing, we may find the courage and strength to transform our lives, and the capacity to open to others more deeply than we thought possible. To tap into the energy of this New Moon, focus on intentions and desires in the following areas:

  • Healing past abuse, betrayal or other trauma
  • Calling in support for personal growth and transformation
  • Releasing suspicion, jealousy, and guilt in relationships
  • Understanding tendencies to create crisis or risks to personal safety
  • Finding healthy expressions of power in relationships
  • Finding one’s “soul mate”
  • Honoring sexuality
  • Healing for male and female sexual organs
  • Healing for the organs of elimination (bladder, rectum, colon, etc.)
  • Working to secure loans and/or remove debts for financial success
Sabian Symbol for 21-22 Scorpio: Hunters shooting wild ducks. Socialization of aggressive instincts. (Dane Rudhyar, An Astrological Mandala).
. . . . .

Want more? Check out the juicy discussion today from astrologer Elisabeth Grace (including an expanded explanation of today’s Sabian Symbol).  I love her view of the world and the stars, and there is lots to consider on this extra energetic day.

May your New Moon magic be steeped in gratitude. Blessings!