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A Month of Thanksgivings, Day 24: Altars and Shrines

One of my favorite parts of my spiritual practice is the creating of shrines and altars. It marries my inner Martha Stewart with my Priestess self in creative, soul-nurturing ways.

When I was younger, the idea of having a home altar in our Episcopalian house would have been shocking and faintly sacrilegious. But non-Protestants the world over have consecrated sacred places in their homes and environs for millennia.

I enjoy creating special nooks dedicated to the Elementals, to my ancestors, Mighty Ones of the Craft, and my Muses.  I have found (or been found by) magical spaces all over our woods, where I commune with the Shining Ones, various Deities, and a menagerie of animal guides and spirit allies.

As the seasons change, and sacred holidays draw near, it is a pleasure to align with the energies of that time by making a special Sabbat altar.  Sometimes these are very low-key, like the mantle above our fireplace decorated in Autumn themes.

But for Samhain and Yule, especially, mundane commercialism coexists well with our Pagan themes, so it’s easy to go all-out.

Of course one reason I’m mentioning this today is that I am going to create my annual Solstice Sun Wheel altar either today or tomorrow, as tomorrow evening will be when we light the first candle. 

Please be aware that this year there is an extra Sunday between Solstice and Christmas. That means we may be slightly out of sync on which candle we are lighting. But we can join together just the same.

If you are celebrating the Christian advent season (advent simply means “the approach of”), your first Sunday observance is Dec. 2. For those of us counting down to Solstice, we begin tomorrow, Nov. 25.

You can read lots more about it here.

So today, I give a hearty thanks for this lovely way to attune to my spirit, commune with my Beloveds, and be reminded each time I pass by that Spirit is always at hand.

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  • November 25, 2012, 10:27 am Maria

    Thanks for the reminder! I got my Solstice Sun Wheel Altar set up this morning! I love doing this ritual every year. 🙂

  • November 25, 2012, 2:12 pm Beth

    Hooray! I will be thinking of you tonight! ♥