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A Month of Thanksgiving: Day 16

Coffee, the finest organic suspension ever devised.
~  Star Trek, Voyager

Today, I give thanks for a simple pleasure that I love. It is a bit of an indulgence, but I love my Cafe du Monde chicory coffee from New Orleans. The Cafe du Monde coffee stand has been serving coffee and beignets in New Orleans since 1862, closing only for Christmas and the occasional pesky hurricane.

And how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

I adore the city of New Orleans, for one thing. And this is my little way of sending it some “green energy” on a regular basis.

My friend Oak once described New Orleans perfectly: “The four directions and their elemental correspondences play out in our nation’s landscape and our cities serve as great Guardians of the Directions. New York in the east has the power of intellect, with Air holding reign there. Chicago, that mighty meatpacking city in the north, holds the power of Earth. On the west coast, Water rules the city of dreamers that is San Francisco. And in the south, in New Orleans, sex and death are always dancing a hot tango, paying tribute to Fire’s power.”

Oh yes!

So every morning as I brew my coffee, I send my loving thanks to that old, eccentric painted lady, where the veil between many worlds is permanently thin; where genders, races, virtues, and especially the dead and the living are often hard to differentiate. Where deep, old, nameless magics flow up and down every street, right along with the constant throb of blues and jazz.

Yes, we could save money by purchasing regular coffee.  But I honestly love the tang of the chicory (which is a tonic for the liver and aids in divination and removing obstacles). I don’t make a real café au lait like they serve at the French Market, but I do like mine sweet and creamy.

We get our coffee from their mail-order service, cutting out the middle man, and avoiding ridiculous prices at the grocery stores.  Even the cardboard box it arrives in is a bonus, as it has intriguing smells and is the perfect size for curling up, according to Miss Sierra.

So thanks, Cafe du Monde, for the pleasure of your steamy companionship every morning.  Here’s to you!

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