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Day Seventeen of My Month of Thanksgivings

A sister is a gift to the heart, a friend to the spirit, a golden thread to the meaning of life.
~ Isadora James

Today I give thanks to all the Divine Ones for my sister, Carrie. She was born on this day in 1961, while we were stationed on Okinawa in the Ryukyu Islands (which later became a prefecture of Japan).

I was eight when my mom and dad started fixing up a nursery for her in our Army quarters.  It was a very exciting time, and I was old enough to be much more curious about my mother’s condition than I’d been when my brother was born two years before.

When Carrie arrived, she was astonishingly beautiful.  She had huge blue eyes, and brown fuzz for hair, with that porcelain skin she still has today. She was tiny, like a perfect little doll.   Here she is, playing with Mom in our Okinawan back yard. 

Because I was much older (in kid years), Carrie and I had pretty different childhoods. Carrie lived in the civilian world a lot more than I did, since our dad’s later career had our family stationed in towns and cities more than military bases.  

She was still in middle school when I left home. It would have made sense if we weren’t all that close.

But we were, especially while she was in college and later working as teacher in Charleston and Summerville, SC, and I was living and working in Columbia, SC.

We spent a lot of weekends together, and what I remember most is laughing and laughing.  Carrie was an adept at putting people on (especially pretentious or obnoxious frat boys), pretending to be a foreigner that didn’t speak English, or a brain surgeon visiting at a medical convention, and many more that are forever sworn to secrecy.  I don’t know if it was her theatrical skills or her dazzling beauty (probably both) but she would confound them every time.

Carrie knows how to be a sweet Southern belle (when she wants to!) and she really is the charming, cultivated woman that my genteel mother always dreamed of (I really was not).

She has been a beloved, award-winning teacher for special needs children, the mom of two amazing kids, the chairwoman of one of Atlanta’s biggest, most prestigious annual charitable fundraisers, and a successful antiques dealer.

She is a talented artist and dreamer and is standing on the threshold of a huge new leap forward, as her daughter prepares to fly the nest in the next year or so.

While I am blessed with other beloved sisters of spirit and soul, Carrie is my one and only sister of blood and bone.

I am so glad it’s you.

Thank you my good friend, my confidante, my golden thread.