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Happy Birthday, Scorpio

What I am is a humanist before anything — before I’m a Jew, before I’m black, before I’m a woman.  And my beliefs are for the human race — they don’t exclude anyone.
~ Whoopi Goldberg (Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Saturn in Scorpio)

Happy Birthday, Scorpio

Scorpios are often considered the most intense, profound, powerful members of the zodiac (and I swear, I’m not just saying that because I’m afraid to be on your bad side, Scorpio! Love ya! Smooches!).

Even when they appear self-controlled and calm, there is usually a seething intensity of emotional energy under the Scorpion’s placid exterior.  They often exude sexuality and beckon their chosen intimates to share secrets.

Sometimes Scorpios are accused of holding grudges, but that’s not entirely accurate. It’s just that Scorpios rarely forget anything, and will defend themselves if they have been hurt. While they have a legendary sting when provoked, they are also refreshingly honest and unpretentious.

One of the most intelligent members of the zodiac, Scorpios have a deep well of strength that can produce a powerful ally, or a vindictive enemy.

A huge abundance of energy usually makes this person a powerful achiever and go-getter — Scorpio is never lazy. Though they may struggle with jealousy and an overly sensitive nature that takes too much personally,  they also have the power within to turn this around.

When the Sun is in Scorpio – For Everyone

Because the Scorpion and its next neighbor on the wheel, the archer Sagittarius, both deliver their most accurate sting while retreating, the energy of this time for all of us favors the protection of our resources and other efforts of consolidation that should now be nearing completion, especially with a Mercury retrograde looming (starting on the U.S. Election Day – so you would be wise to vote early).

Superficiality and procrastination are unacceptable when the Sun is in Scorpio. This is a time of year that is intense – bringing swings in weather, the brilliant colors of dying leaves, and the knowledge that Winter’s icy entrance is not far away.

Whatever matters we may have let slide must now be dealt with. Although not always fun or easy, powerful transformation and profound healing are possible during this time.

With the Sun now entering Scorpio, we are reminded that the third and final harvest is upon us — Samhain is only a week away.

Do you have a friend or loved one with a Scorpio Birthday? Or maybe you are a Scorpio who is hoping to make this upcoming birthday the beginning of your best year yet!

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