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Blessings of the Libra New Moon

From my friend, Diane Lang (aka Neith) on her aptly named blog, Libra Seeking Balance, about today’s harmonious influences, thanks to the Libra New Moon… 

After some of the rougher lunations we’ve had in recent months, I was very pleasantly surprised to find little to complain about for this New Moon at 22° 32′ Libra on 15 October 2012, 05:02 AM PDT.

This is a standalone New Moon with nothing else within orb (in my opinion), so we end up with essence of Libra – thoughtful, equitable, sensitive to beauty and willing to see the other person’s point of view. We can finally sit down and discuss new projects without a lot of clamor and discord in the background.

Go to an art gallery opening or call your best friend for a leisurely lunch. If you have been putting off discussing sensitive subjects requiring tact and diplomacy, now might be the time to initiate those. This is a perfect time to head over to your favorite park or arboretum to enjoy the flowers or fall colors if you live in the northern latitudes.

Venus, Libra’s ruler, is now in calm, mannerly Virgo and nicely sextile Mercury in Scorpio. I love harmonious aspects between Mercury and Venus because it makes it so much easier to have productive dialogues with little acrimony. This particular marriage of Virgo and Scorpio is perfect for gently going right to the heart of the matter with minimal pain. Remember both Virgo and Scorpio prefer to heal wounds rather than cause them.

If you want to have some lighthearted fun, then you’ll like Venus’s square to outgoing Jupiter in Gemini. The only drawback might be ending up talking to all hours of the night! Mutable squares tend to produce endless chatter though often with little substance but this time who cares?

Another aspect pushing for some excitement is a fiery trine between adventurous Mars in Sagittarius and a wild-eyed Uranus in Aries. For those folks with personal planets and/or Ascendant from 4° to 6° in the fire signs, it could be out the door, down the road and off to faraway places . . . in the mind if nothing else. Great for re-energizing your exercise program too.

This is the first lunation with Saturn in Scorpio and the good news is Saturn is part of a Grand Trine with Neptune in Pisces and Ceres in Cancer. I can think of no better way to start off Saturn’s stay in Scorpio than harmoniously connecting with compassionate Neptune and nurturing Ceres.

Saturn provides the power to manifest the best of Neptune and with Ceres there to direct help to where it is most needed, we might see some real breakthroughs in programs designed to help those in need. Scorpio has an uncanny ability to discern who genuinely needs help and who is looking for a free handout. They’ll reach out to the first and shine on the second.

This is a rare opportunity and I recommend those in the helping professions make the most of it. This Grand Trine will be in effect for most of October.

Yes, the Uranus-Pluto square is still in effect but gradually losing influence as the two planets move apart for now. It will be May of next year before the next exact square at 11°.

Even the elements are balanced for this Libra New Moon! Fire and air planets equal earth and water ones for a change. No one mode is dominate this time either with equal numbers in cardinal and mutable with two planets in fixed signs. Let’s all enjoy some Libra peace and tranquility for a change! Love it!

Alas, I only wish that the Tarot for this week would have wholeheartedly agreed…  Read my next post for more …. And may your rites be blessed. ~ Beth

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