Inspiring Enchantment & Illumination with Tarot & Intuitive Guidance

Last Week Before We Start!

What if you could have centuries-old Wisdom at your fingertips — anytime, anywhere? What if you had a no-fail way to dial in to instant insight — no muss, no fuss?  How would your life change if you could have a clear, inspiring, and fantastically accurate way to connect to your highest, most trustworthy guidance?

You can! And getting started is so easy!

~ This Fall ~
In Only Two Steps, You Can
Learn to Read the Tarot for Yourself!

Step One ~ Planting the Seed: An Introduction to the Tarot

Sunday, September 9, 2012 – One Week from Today!
1-5:45 pm
Dancing Moon Books and Gifts, Raleigh, NC
$50 *

With a firm foundation, you can be sure you are developing superior skills that will bring you years of enjoyment. In this half-day of fun, discovery, and practice, you’ll learn:

  • the real truth about the origins of the Tarot
  • what Tarot is (and is not!)
  • quite a lot of Tarot myth-busting and silliness removal
  • how to choose and care for your deck
  • techniques for tapping into your intuition
  • the basic components of the Tarot: Elemental energies of the Suits, the Court cards, and the Major and Minor Arcana.

No experience is necessary, but if you have a deck, by all means, bring it. This is the ideal preparation for the October 20 class.

Register by calling Dancing Moon: (919) 833-8081.

Step Two ~ The Wisdom Journey:
Developing Your Tarot Skills

Saturday, October 20, 2012
Dancing Moon Books and Gifts, Raleigh, NC
11am-6pm $80*

(* sign up for both classes and get $10 off from the total  *)

If you’re ready to interpret the messages in the layouts of the cards, this is the class for you! In this all-day Tarot intensive, you’ll move beyond the basics, working with the Tarot as a tool for accessing your deep wisdom.

No prior experience is required, however, I will assume you are comfortable with the fundamental basics covered in the September 9 class (Ex: what the Tarot is, the definition of suits, understanding the concepts behind the Major and Minor Arcana, etc.).

By the end of our day together —

You’ll be reading the cards, without being dependent on the books and without lots of memorization.  This is Tarot without tears! It’s easy and fun when you have hands-on guidance from a Tarot master and expert teacher.

Specifically, you’ll be

  • seeing how to combine individual cards together to make a reading.
  • learning Your Tarot Soul and Personality Profile.
  • experiencing the Major Arcana cards on a deeply personal level.
  • developing your intuitive skills.
  • learning your Tarot reading style.
  • discovering how interpretation of a card is affected by the placement of the other cards nearby.
  • developing clear questions and simple, powerful spreads.
  • giving and receiving lots of fun, illuminating practice readings in pairs and teams, all under my expert guidance.

Like the September class, The Wisdom Journey will be held at Dancing Moon Books in Raleigh, where I am an endorsed, featured instructor. Bring your lunch, or else takeout is available from nearby eateries.

For Both Classes

Pre-registration is required and seating is limited, so that I can give you lots of personal attention. Sign up by calling Dancing Moon at (919) 833-8081 (Tues-Sunday, 11am to 7pm, 6pm on Sundays).

ps: These classes meet the requirement for my advanced practitioner class, “Reading For Others,” which is only offered every few years! Don’t miss out!

pps: Plus they qualify you to learn about the small, private workshops I offer by personal invitation only.

Here’s what previous class participants have said:

  • “Definitely exceeded my expectations!”
  • “Really helped me form a relationship with the cards.”
  • “Fantastic, fun, and a super bargain!”
  • “Beth, you are the real deal! I am so glad I chose your classes.”
  • “I took Beth’s classes several years ago, and I have never regretted it. Thanks to the strong start she gave me, I can honestly say I am now a really good reader.”
  • “On a scale of 1 to 10, I give you a 15!”
  • “I enjoyed every minute, and only wished it didn’t have to end!”
  • “Great exercises for practical exposure and understanding.”
  • “I loved the intuitive practice and teaming up with others for readings.”

Call Dancing Moon at (919) 833-8081 and save your seat today!