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Blessings of the Virgo New Moon

Dark of the Moon, new beginnings;
Dark of the Moon, plant a seed tonight;
Dark of the Moon, what we envision
Will come to be, by the Full Moon’s light.

While I am off helping and celebrating today at Pagan Pride of Raleigh (Central NC), a most magical new lunation will commence.  Don’t miss the powerful astrological wisdom of this moment, described by my friends, world renowned astrologers Dan Furst, Lynn Hayes, and Rhea Wolf.

This is my own personal check-in, from my morning pages today:

Saturday, Sept. 15: New Moon in Virgo

A new beginning, with profound change in the wind. This is the time for seeds like the milkweed tassels, that float in the golden air; the seeds that cross the threshold, from Summer to Autumn and beyond.

These are the seeds that I see now replacing the bright blooms of my four o’clocks and nicotiana, and the hips where Summer roses have unfurled and now fallen.

What seed lies within my own heart and stirs now?  What fertile soil welcomes the tiny tendril that will become the root, the stem, the mighty trunk or tender flower?

Who knows, when we gaze at the shiny black dot in our hands, what it may give birth to, what purpose it may fulfill?

What sunlight do I long to find, so powerful my quest, that I have spent years seeking deep below the surface, inching towards the soft, giving spot where I can finally break through and rise up?

The culmination of this lifetime seems only the prelude to a vast song that pulls me on.

I will reach out again and again, until I see the sky at last. I will know it by the warmth I can already taste.

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  • September 15, 2012, 11:06 am Theresa ~EagleHeart~

    So BEAUTIFUL Beth the way you have voiced the longings in my own heart as well. Thank you for sharing. ~Blessed Bee~

  • September 16, 2012, 11:24 am Maria

    Wow, your morning pages are WAY more interesting and well-written than mine, which tend to be filled with such interesting tidbits as “the cat keeps walking across my notebook and I’m exhausted and the five minutes it’s taking the tea to steep feels like forever.”

    Thank you for sharing your journal, Beth. I love how it is so full of hope.

  • September 16, 2012, 4:34 pm Beth

    Oh, that’s what I can share, Maria! Ninety-nine, point nine percent of my 30+ notebooks full are absolutely, utterly, humiliatingly unmentionable, unpublishable, unshareable, and barely coherent in ANY way! 🙂